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Britney Spears Throws Major Shade at Family: Hope You Enjoyed Living the High Life With MY Money!


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For most of her adult life, Britney Spears was under the control of a conservatorship held in place by her diabolical father and a team of equally treacherous lawyers.

Britney’s conservatorship finally came to an end over the summer, and now, the pop icon is making up for lost time and living her best life.

Spears got engaged to Sam Asghari back in September and the two of them have embarked on a series of epic vacations together.

Last month Britney and Sam were in Hawaii, and over the weekend, they were living it up in Vegas.

Britney is finally allowed to enjoy the fruits of her labor, but she’s understandably a little pissed off about all of those years when she was cooped up at home while her family lived the high life.

During her residency in Vegas, Britney was still under her father’s control, so perhaps it’s not surprising that the city still brings up some painful memories.

But Brit’s not letting the past keep her from experiencing Sin City to its fullest — something she did not get to do when she was performing there every night.

“Wow !!! Being a guest in Las Vegas is way better than being me … or wait … is it because my family got to be the stars when I worked in Vegas ???” Spears captioned the photo above over the weekend.

“I mean damn they were given the spa treatment … spas … alcohol … the whole 9 yards … but guess what !!! This was my first time !!!”

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“It was absolutely lovely being treated like an equal in Las Vegas for the first time in 13 years … huge difference,” she continued.

“I don’t have to entertain my family anymore and be their puppet … I’m here to say one thing and one thing only … KISS MY MOTHER F–KING ASS.”

Britney rather quickly deleted that caption, but she went on to detail the mistreatment she suffered at her father’s hands in a separate post:

“In a world where it’s okay to lock your daughter up and make her work 7 days a week … 8:00 am to 6:00 pm … no days off … 105 people are in and out of a small trailer home weekly,” she wrote on Instagram.

“No private baths … seen naked when changing … drugged … can’t even speak or talk … has to be available to the treatment people and show up every day for 10 hours a day … if not will have to stay longer.” 

Britney didn’t name the facility where she was vitrually imprisoned, but she says she was “never given a date” on when she could leave the facility, adding that she was forced to give “like 8 gallons of blood weekly.”

“[This] happened to me for 4 months after I worked for my dad and my family for 13 f–king years … I gave my all when I worked only to be literally thrown away,” Spears continued.

“I was nothing more than a puppet to my family yet to the public I just performed on stage and did what I was told to do … but it was worse than that because it was accepted and approved by the people I loved the most.”

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Britney concluded with a promise to others who have been mistreated in a similar fashion.

“If you’ve ever been in shock for 4 months … threatened for your life … you would be upset too,” she concluded.

“I’m not done … I want justice and won’t stop until something is done to those who harmed me … and YES I was harmed !!!!”

Britney previously vowed to free other conservatorship victims, and it seems like she’s well on her way to making good on that promise.

We can’t wait to witness her fight for justice.


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