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Lisa Barlow Defends Cruel Rant About Meredith Marks: I Was in a Blind Rage!


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Viewers of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City have had a wild ride all season long.

None of us are surprised that Lisa Barlow’s vicious rant against Meredith Marks came up at the Reunion.

On Part 2, Lisa tried to explain, at times seeming to try to defend, her outrageous and cruel hot mic moment.

To make matters worse, Whitney Rose revealed that Lisa had said something similar to her long before that incident.

Meredith Marks, Lisa Barlow, Andy Cohen splitscreen RHOSLC

On Sunday, viewers watched Part 2 of the three-part Reunion special for Season 2 of RHOSLC.

Of course Andy Cohen brought up the rant.

We had previously heard that it would (obviously) come up, with Meredith revealing that she saw that footage just one day before filming the Reunion.

Lisa Barlow - what Meredith just did is so f--ked up

The expletive-laden rant attacked Meredith, her character, and her family.

Lisa clearly made it while furiously undressing behind a door, somehow forgetting that she had a mic and was on a reality show.

Meredith had some firm words on the matter.

Lisa Barlow - Meredith can go f--k herself. I'm done with her

“The content is absurd,” Meredith stated.

“If that’s how you feel about me, fine. That’s okay,” she told Lisa. “I don’t really care about that.”

However, Meredith told her that “the venom and the hatred that the delivery came with is what resonated.”

Lisa Barlow - 'cause I'm not a f--king whore and I don't cheat on my husband

She struggled to even watch the rant, admitting that she had to stop due to the vitriol in her friend of 10 years’ voice.

“I couldn’t even sit and watch it. I’d stop it, it took me about an hour to get through it,” Meredith said.

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Many of us have done the same with awkward TV moments or cringe humor. It’s so much worse when the moment is about you.

Lisa Barlow - her and her dumb f--king family that poses

“I was sick, utterly sick” Meredith recalled.

Meredith could not help but note the hypocrisy of Lisa being angry with Jen for saying things in front of her children, then saying all of this about Meredith.

“How do you think my kids feel about the things you just said about me, and the rest of the world?” Meredith demanded to know.

Lisa Barlow - 'cause your husband changes jobs every 5 minutes?

Lisa could have offered an unmitigated apology, but that was not the path that she chose.

“I was packing my stuff to get out, I was talking to myself,” she said, as if that explained it.

Lisa continued: “I was in a blind rage rant.”

Lisa Barlow throws the mic back to a producer

Andy asked Lisa if she really didn’t mean what she said (as she claimed) or if it was an anger-induced “truth dump.”

Whitney Rose chimed in, warning Meredith that this was not an isolated incident.

According to her, Lisa had said the same outragoues and hurtful things in a previous rant.

Whitney Rose brings up a precarious topic

“I did not, I did not,” Lisa insisted, turning back to Meredith in the hopes of convincing her.

“I have never talked about your marriage,” she claimed.

“I have never talked about you before that rant,” Lisa alleged, “and I’m sorry it was caught on audio.”

Lisa Barlow just wishes that Meredith were a better friend

“I made a lot of comments that I feel sorry for,” Lisa expressed.

“Are my words awful? Yes. Was I at a breaking point? Absolutely. Was I in the privacy of my room? 100 percent,” she went on.

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“I could not take anymore,” Lisa added. “Do I regret saying it? Yes. Am I sorry? 1,000 percent. Meredith — I can not say enough how sorry I am.”

Meredith Marks wants to shut down this topic immediately

During a break, Lisa and Meredith spoke again, with Lisa saying that she was “beyond sorry” for the rant.

She told her: “I’m sorry I’m not breaking cause I’m, like, things together, but I am beyond sorry.”

“I did not ever mean to hurt you, I understand that hurting you hurts [your family],” Lisa emphasized.

Meredith marks spills the tea on RHOSLC

Lisa then told Meredith that she had heard a rumor that Meredith was making fun of her home rennovations, which apparently contributed to her fury.

That obviously weirded out Meredith, as even if the rumor were true, Lisa’s rant was beyond an escalation.

“Okay, so you should rip my character to shreds? Okay, wonderful!” Meredith noted, dripping with sarcasm.


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