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TSA Packing Rules You Must Abide By


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You’ve probably heard about the TSA airline check and security screening measures. With so many people traveling for business or pleasure, it’s important to know which items are permitted and which ones need special attention. It’s also important to plan ahead for how you’re going to store your luggage, whether you’re looking for luggage storage in London or any other destination.

A lot of travelers feel confused about what they can and cannot bring with them when flying. For those of you who are planning on flying soon, here are some things you might want to know about the TSA packing rules.

Know the Limits Before You Go

Before you head out to the airport, make sure you’re aware of the TSA’s rules to avoid getting your bags inspected, or even worse, paying a fine.

  • No liquids or gels in your carry-on. That means you can only have toiletries, syrups, or food items in your bags. The TSA states that all other items must be packed in your checked baggage. The maximum amount of liquid you’re allowed to bring on board for carry-on is less than 100ml.
  • Keep your electronics in your carry-on. The TSA doesn’t want you stowing your laptop inside the checked luggage due to possible danger from lithium-ion batteries.
  • You can only have a single bag that weighs less than 10kg. If you’re flying economy, that weight applies to the combined weight of your carry-on and checked bag. If you’re a premium economy or business class passenger, the rules are a bit different. You can have a single bag and a laptop bag.
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Liquids and Gels

Liquids and gels include shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, toothpaste, and other toiletries. These items must be packed in your checked baggage. In fact, the TSA has a 3-1-1 rule for liquids and gels in your checked baggage. If you bring more than 3 containers, they must be in a clear, 1-quart-sized bag. The same rules apply if you’re flying internationally. Any amount of liquids must be packed in your checked bag.

Prescription Medications

If you’re taking prescription medication, you should check with your doctor before planning a big trip. Medically necessary liquids, medications, and creams are allowed in your carry-on bag, even if they’re in excess of 3.4 ounces. They’ll need to be removed from your bag and screened separately beforehand, and it’s best if they’re clearly labeled.

Razor Blades, Knives, and Tools

These items are prohibited in carry-on bags at all times. They’re acceptable in your checked baggage but be sure that they’re packed carefully and safely to not harm the baggage handlers.

Masks and Disguises

Wearing a costume is fine as long as it isn’t a disguise. In other words, it can’t cover your face. Costumes will likely result in a pat down, however. Any realistic-looking prop weapons need to be in your checked baggage.

Luggage Storage in London

If you’re traveling to London and are scratching your head about where to store your luggage, have no fear. We have a few leads that can make your stay comfortable and your luggage storage hassle-free.

  • Your Hotel

It’s hard to beat the convenience of luggage storage in the same place you’re staying. It probably won’t cost you extra, but tipping for the convenience would be courteous.

  • Apps

No, you can’t store luggage in an app, but you can find places to store luggage in London with one. You can find shops, restaurants, and all kinds of other places to store your luggage for small fees.

  • Airport or Train Station

Many airports and train stations in London will let you store your luggage right there using “left luggage” services.

  • Storage Centres

Basically the equivalent of a self-storage facility in the US, storage centres have long and short-term storage options available. There are often discounts for lengthier storage times. If you’ll need luggage storage for more than a couple of weeks, these might be worth looking into.

  • Luggage Delivery

If you have a lot of bulky bags and are having trouble juggling them all, a delivery service might be the right call. They’ll pick your bags up, store them for you, and deliver them to the train station or airport you specify.

  • Shopping Centres

Some shopping centres offer luggage storage for affordable fees. Westfield shopping centers are the most well-known locations.

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Reach for the Sky

Now that you know what to expect from TSA airline check and security screening measures, you can rest assured knowing that your journey will be safe and smooth. Remember to keep your valuables close to you and be prepared for a pat-down. If you have any concerns about the screening process, ask a TSA agent for assistance. With these packing rules in mind, you’ll breeze through security and be on your way in no time. Safe travels!

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