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Cassidy Timbrooks: Oops! My Bad for Cursing Off Clayton Echard!


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Cassidy Timbrooks has a few regrets.

As you might recall, the recently-boosted suitor made quite the exit from The Bachelor Season 26, leaving the program in historic fashion after Clayton Echard she has been FaceTiming an alleged side piece.

After confronting Cassidy about this quasi cheating, Echard actually took back a rose he had previously given the aspiring wife — and sent her packing.

In response to Clayton’s decision?

Cassidy Timbrooks and clay

Cassidy cursed The Bachelor off.

“I realize that I am normally being dramatic, but you were gonna give [Salley Carson] a rose even though she was engaged last week,” Cassidy said in a video that made the round just prior to her elimination.

“Meanwhile, I f–ked someone a few months ago and I got sent home,” she added in the footage.

“Okay, no, it’s cool. No, I get it. I get it. I get what we’re made of here.

“I get the stuff that’s happening and go f–k yourself, Clayton Echard.”

Cassidy Timbrooks and echard

Now that she’s had some time to reflect on this reaction, Timbrooks has something to say.

“I want to briefly address the two videos that made the rounds on social media,” the 26-year old wrote via her Instagram Story on Friday, January 28.

“First, they were never made public by me or intended to be seen publicly.

“I posted those only to my close friends’ story on Instagram, where someone who I thought was my friend screen recorded them and sent them to a spoiler site.”

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Cassidy took responsibility for what she said in this videos, but also claimedd that her tone was misconstrued by fans of the ABC reality show.

“In those videos, I’m being intentionally over dramatic and satirical,” she explained.

“The people who know me in real life get that, but I totally understand why people who’ve never met me would be like, wtf.”

As it turns out, Cassidy says she doesn’t even have any hard feelings against Echard.

“I’m really embarrassed that those videos ended up everywhere,” she continued.

“They don’t reflect my actual thoughts, or how I feel about Clayton.

“I had a lot of respect for how kind to me Clayton was, actually.”

Despite her intentions, Cassidy confessed that the videos were not in good taste, concluding as follows:

“This seems like a late acknowledgment, and I would have addressed them sooner but as you can probably imagine I was worried about accidentally spoiling anything else.

“I thought it best to wait until after Mondays [sic] episode aired. I’ve never written a public apology and don’t exactly know what I’m doing lol but hopefully this helps clear up what in the world happened there.

“Totally my bad, never should’ve even made them, but I never meant for them to be public. Poor judgment call on my part.”


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