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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Eviction Looms as One Player Begs To Leave the Game


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Celebrity Big Brother is moving at a breakneck pace.

Alliances are crumbling, and it’s making for the most dramatic season in years.

Monday’s special eviction episode kicked off with Chris Kattan and Mirai Nagasu on the block after Chris Kirkpatrick revealed he wanted to Nsync their games.

With a live eviction promised, there was a big chance a power move could be made.

Miesha and Todrick both wanted Chris Kirkpatrick to target Carson for eviction, which the fans and other houseguests hated.

Before we get to the game talk, Lamar Odom continues to showcase a very different side than the media has portrayed over the years.

He has got to be the most relatable houseguest ever, which will probably hinder his game.

While everyone else is being all cutthroat and planning two steps ahead, it’s clear Lamar is working through the past.

Monday’s episode found him opening up about a surprising dream he had about his late son, who died at just six months old in 2006.

Lamar said his son was talking to him to a surprised Todd Bridges and Cynthia Bailey.

Ultimately, Lamar conceded that he didn’t grieve the death of his son, and his fellow houseguests said he would need to work through it.

At the live Veto competition, Cynthia, Shanna, and Todrick joined the nominees and current HOH.

It was the laziest competition in the game’s history, with the houseguests looking for a “Marry Me” sign in a photo and picking which section of the photo it was included in.

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Chris Kirkpatrick pretty much threw the competition, effectively scuppering the hopes of a big move being made.

The feeds strongly hinted that Kirkpatrick could turn on Todrick and put his ally on the block and send him packing.

Todrick has been trying to outmaneuver every houseguest throughout the first week of the game, creating a lot of enemies in the process.

In the end, Shanna won the competition, effectively confirming the noms would stay the same.

At the eviction, Chris Kattan did not ask to be saved, requesting that the house vote him out and keep Mirai in the running for the $250,000 prize.

“Chris, you were right when you said I didn’t know much about gameplay,” he said.

“I love you all, and I think it’s time for me to move on. You’ve been very dedicated at playing the game, and it’s been very important to you.”

“I’ve seen that for a while. I think you should stay and I should move on, and I will see you all on the outside. I love you all.”

It was a choice, but it was also a good reason for other players to drag the SNL alum to the end and secure a landslide win against him.

It was a unanimous vote to evict Mirai, and Lamar had the best reaction to it.

“She’s gonna be like, ‘Damn, he wanted to leave and they still voted me off. She ain’t going to do well tonight.”

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The surprising votes to evict came from Todrick and Miesha, who fought to keep her in the game ahead of the vote.

Looking ahead, Carson is the most logical next target, assuming Miesha or Todrick slide into power.

Celebrity Big Brother continues Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.


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