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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Two Evictions Shock the House Ahead of Finale Night


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Celebrity Big Brother is in the home stretch, and Monday’s two-hour episode sent two houseguest packing.

In the end, we were left with the final three houseguests to compete in the three-part HOH competition.

At the top of the latest episode, Todd Bridges, Lamar Odom, and Cynthia Bailey were against Miesha Tate and Todrick Hall.

Todd and Lamar were on the block, and both Miesha and Todrick knew they wanted him gone.

The reason?

He’s won some competitions. The two competitors don’t understand that people like Cynthia and Lamar have many friends on the jury, meaning that their lack of competition wins would not matter.

There were many moving parts throughout this episode because the game was at such a tipping point, leaving us with the hope that the power would shift.

Miesha and Todrick have steamrolled the entire house. Did it finally come to an end?

Todd understood that it was a game decision for the dominant duo to target him, and he had some nice conversations with Todrick about their respective careers.

Little does Todd know that Todrick has been bashing him and his career on the Big Brother live feeds.

Do these houseguests not understand that they are under surveillance 24 hours a day?

The first Veto competition of the night was decent, with the houseguests sliding along a track to the finish line at the correct time.

Todd dominated this one and secured a surprising victory. Miesha and Todrick could only disappear to make comments about their target being off the block.

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Come the first Veto ceremony, Todd removed himself from the block, with Lamar taking his place.

Todrick was first to break a tie to send Lamar out of the house, leaving it two vs. two for the next HOH.

But Todrick could not compete. Surely that would give Cynthia and Todd the edge, right?


Todd had an early victory in the questions, with Cynthia catching up quickly. Unfortunately for them both, Miesha caught up and won the competition.

As expected, Todd and Cynthia were on the block by the next ad break, and it was down to the Veto to set the final nominations for this round.

In this truly predictable season of Big Brother, Miesha won and had the chance to take out her ally ahead of the finale, but she kept the nominations the same.

The best move would have been for Todrick to get the boot to secure a clear path to victory for Miesha.

Todd was sent packing, leaving Todrick, Miesha, and Cynthia in the house to compete for the $250,000 on Wednesday’s finale.

How will it all end?

We’ll need to tune in to find out.

Julie Chen confirmed what fans expected:

Big Brother fans will get a vote in the finale if there is a tie.


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