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Stephanie Davison Cozies Up to O.J. Simpson: Don’t Say I Look Like Nicole!!


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It’s probably safe to say that Stephanie Davison’s time on 90 Day Fiance did not work out as she had hoped.

Instead of catapulting her business to new heights, she found herself portrayed as foolish and threatened to sue the show over 

The result was that Stephanie all but ghosted fans on social media, and now only appears sporadically.

Stephanie’s latest post? A selfie with one of the most infamous men alive … seemingly implying that they are dating.

Stephanie Davison enjoys being told what she wants to hear

It has been months since Stephanie Davison last posted.

For better or for worse, her latest hiatus is at an end.

Over the weekend, the 90 Day Fiance alum shared a black and white selfie with none other than Orenthal James Simpson.

O.J. Simpson was famous for his football career and for his acting roles during the ’80s and ’90s.

He became a household name after his arrest following the brutal murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Complex social and cultural circumstances, blundering by law enforcement, and a lack of forensic literacy on the part of the jury led to his acquittal.

Stephanie Davison checks in with work

Words cannot understate just how cozy Stephanie and O.J. appear in this photo.

They’re not kissing and not necessarily touching, but most people don’t put their heads this close together with strangers (especially during a pandemic).

Stephanie’s caption took things even further.

Stephanie Davison IG with O.J. Simpson (with now-deleted

“Time to get away again for some more sun! #West Palm Beach,” Stephanie wrote.

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To many, that seemed to be an implication that she and O.J. were taking a trip together.

This naturally sparked relationship rumors … but that was not all.

Stephanie Davison confronts Ryan over psychic predictions

In a now-deleted tag, Stephanie stirred the pot even further.

“#NO I DON’T LOOK LIKE HER!!!” she tagged the post.

This seems like a reference to Nicole Brown Simpson. If so, she was right; she doesn’t look like her.

Stephanie Davison gets tentative seal of approval for

What exactly is Stephanie up to, here?

It certainly appears that she is implying that she and the walking billboard for our justice system’s many flaws are spending time together.

If it’s true, one very reasonably worries for her safety. If it’s not, the concern is about how distasteful of a prank this is.

Stephanie Davison is totally done with Ryan Carr

The most likely explanation for all of this is simply that Stephanie took a selfie with one of the most infamous men alive.

A lot of people will pose for selfies with even the most despicable people — case in point.

It is possible that she did not even consider the murders for which he was arrested, albeit not convicted, at the time.

Stephanie Davison explains what happened

Stephanie then went on to write a caption describing what she is up to … while implying that O.J. was part of those plans.

Notably, she has also made this photo her profile picture on Instagram.

That shows, frankly, some extremely poor judgment on her part.

Stephanie Davison doesn't want to spend rest of vacation alone

90 Day Fiance fans have seen Stephanie exercise worrisome decision-making in the past, when she filmed for the show.

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However, many argued that viewers were not seeing the “real” Stephanie, speculating that the combination of antihistimines and alcohol was responsible.

We struggle to explain why Stephanie would even joke about O.J. like this … except to acknowledge that fame can rot people’s minds.


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