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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Who Won Season 3?


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The third season of Celebrity Big Brother came to a dramatic — and rushed — conclusion Wednesday on CBS.

Following a string of boring two-hour episodes, the network opted to air the finale across one hour, and it was not the best decision.

The series hit a significant lull during the current season, thanks to the casting team bringing in players who had little familiarity with the game.

The only exciting aspect of the season-ender was that the jurors could come together to choose who would take home the $250,000 grand prize.

Before we get to the jurors, let’s get to what went down earlier in the episode.

Todrick practically begged Cynthia to take him to the final two, and it seemed like his words resonated with her.

The final Head of Household competition, meanwhile, was pitiful.

There was no physical aspect. Cynthia, Miesha, and Todrick had to answer questions from their former houseguests.

Would Cynthia shock everyone and rise to power after winning zero competitions?

Not a chance.

Miesha, once again, dominated the competition, and Miesha had a decision to make.

Did she want to take Cynthia or Todrick to the final two with her?

Todrick got her vote, and it was clear they were both worried about Cynthia scooping up all the votes from the jury.

Teddi foreshadowed the downfall of Todrick with a comment during the HOH competition.

“Good luck. Some of you are going to need it,” said the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

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“Hello, Final 3. Hope to see you never,” Shanna added after Miesha and Todrick constructed a plan to get her out of the house at the hands of her closest ally.

“The one thing that this vote ensures is that I won’t ever have to hear your voice again,” Shanna added when she got to vote.

As for Teddi’s actual vote, she said she was voting for the “lesser of two evils.”

Chris Kirkpatrick, meanwhile, got the ultimate revenge by saying that his vote was for his son.

Todrick previously called Chris a lousy role model to his son.

“This is for my son, who would have me do it no other way,” the Nsync star shared.

Todd Bridges used his time picking the winner to drag Miesha and Todrick for their comments behind closed doors.

“Everything was great up until I saw the live feeds,” he told the pair.

“I just think that, God bless you guys.”

“And I hope you realize that playing this game and winning is definitely doing it a good way and not talking bad about people that are already gone,” he added.

Miesha won the season with a vote of 7-1.

Todrick only managed a vote from Cynthia, who was visibly surprised by the sudden Miesha love.

Julie wasted no time in getting to business in the aftermath of the eviction.

She revealed Carson, Lamar, and Shanna made the cut for the top three of America’s Favorite Player.

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In the end, Carson secured the win!

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