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Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Who Won the Most Important HOH Competition?


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Celebrity Big Brother has been one of the most lackluster seasons in the history of the franchise.

The season got off to a dramatic start, but with Todrick and Miesha running the house, the season got stale pretty quickly.

Despite attempts to take the pair out of the house, there has been so much gameplay on their part to stay in the game.

Honestly, they both deserve to go to the end at this stage. They’ve won competitions, manipulated their fellow houseguests, and all of the votes have gone the way they wanted.

The biggest shocker from Sunday’s new episode was that Cynthia, Todd, and Lamar recognized that it was them against Miesha and Toddrick.

Had this been established a few rounds ago, there would have been a big power shift because people like Todd and Carson were in power.

Todd and Lamar knew they were playing for third place if they didn’t win the season’s most critical Head of Household competition.

Cynthia has largely not been a part of the process, regularly voting the way the HOH wants. She has won zero competitions and doesn’t have that much sway inside the house.

Cynthia and Carson tried to throw together an alliance to take them to the final four, but why would that help Todrick or Miesha?

This week’s HOH competition was pivotal, and it followed the houseguests picking up on differences in art throughout the house.

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Todd was ineligible to compete, and unfortunately, Cynthia and Lamar were out of the competition first and second, leaving Miesha and Todrick in the running to win.

Ultimately, Todrick secured his first HOH win, leaving Cynthia, Lamar, and Todd to ponder which of them would be next out of the door.

The problem here is that Todrick is playing for second place, no matter who he takes with him to the final.

Jury management on a season where every single evictee is crucial, and when you consider how much everyone who exited the game hates Todrick’s gameplay, well, there’s no hope for him to win.

Todrick has been focused on winning the game, but his actions have not gone down well with many of the other players.

Todd and Lamar have blossomed into a duo, and they have become ride-or-die in recent weeks.

Whether that will bode well for the future, I don’t know.

Todrick and Miesha know they need to split them up because one of them could win the HOH in the next round.

With three underdogs against the dominant two-person alliance, it’s becoming increasingly likely Todrick, and Miesha will make it to the end.

At the end of Sunday’s new episode, Todrick put on quite the performance to tell the houseguests that Lamar and Todd were put on the block.

Predictable, right?

With a double eviction looming, it will be fun to see how all of this unfolds on Monday’s new episode.

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