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Kody Brown to Christine: Good Luck! Go Marry Someone Else!


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Mercifully, officially, for once and absolutely for all…

… it’s over between Kody Brown and Christine Brown.

We’ve known this for months, of course, ever since the latter announced in November that she was walking away from her polygamous marriage after more than two decades.

On Sunday night, however, both sides of this former relationship opened up like never before on part three of the Sister Wives Season 16 one-on-one speciall.

kody and also christine brown

Speaking to to host Sukanya Krishnan, the father of 18 opened his seggment by confessing he should have validated” Christine’s concerns regarding her dislike for polygamy … instead of displaying “arrogance.”

However, he also wasn’t aware that she was serious about walking away until he saw her say it on air several weeks ago.

“I didn’t know she was going, ‘Oh, I don’t want to be married to Kody anymore,'” he explained on Sunday.

“I mean, I had heard rumors from my children that she had been kind of throwing things around and even other wives saying, ‘Oh she’s always threatened that she was going to leave.’

“And I’m like, ‘Why am I in the dark here?'”

Kody referred to the twosome’s split as “a singular moment that has been building up for years,” and alleged Christine was frequently “complaining about everything in her life,” continuing as follows:

“I’ve been trying to make her happy all the time. It’s this constant burden.

“There is something missing, there’s some problem, something is going on.

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“Frankly, it could just be plural marriage.”

Indeed, Kody has openly admitted of late that plural marriage is pretty much an awful and unfair concept.

As displayed toward the end of Season 16, of course, Kody also told Christine he was done sleeping with her.

“My perspective of that experience was she came to me [after building a door in her house for privacy] and she said, ‘Hey, we did this work on the house. Wasn’t that for our intimacy?'” Kody recalled, citing an incident that took place toward the end of 2020 when these episodes were filmed.

He went on:

“And I went, ‘No, it was just stuff we needed to do.’ And she goes, ‘Well, are we going to be intimate again?’

“I never said no, that we were never going to be intimate again.

“I was at a point where I wanted her to address the rumors that I’ve been hearing from the kids that she was threatening to leave.”

Kody also said he felt as if Christine had stabbed him in the back with these comments, and added that he wanted to try couples counseling last year.

“My biggest problem for all of this experience is that I’m angry,” he said of the divorce.

“Fast forward to this moment and grief has settled in.”

Is he bitter, though? It doesn’t sound that way.

“Now, I just look forward to [the] healing process, managing it and coming to a place where we’re friends again,” Kody continued.

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“We had this experience and that’s over and [now she can] have a good life and be well, be happy. But I’m still in a grieving process now…

“I hope she gets married, I hope she has a wonderful relationship.

“I hope she’s happy.”

The 52-year old old mother of six sure does sound happy.

She noted on Sunday night that it was becoming “more and more apparent” that Kody was no longer interested in her.

She also found it “insulting” that he wanted to continue a marriage without intercourse and/or intimacy.

“I’m done pretending,” she said. “I’ve been showing the kids that everything’s fine, I’ve been showing everybody that everything’s fine. And I can’t pretend anymore.”

With a TLC spinoff on tap, things are, indeed, looking up for Christine.

“Kody and I are divorced. We’re completely separate,” she emphasized on air of where the pair currently stands.

“We’re just going to be friends, eventually. I just realized I had to make a decision for my heart and my heart was done being broken.

“It felt … freeing.”


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