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Chelsea Houska Shares Update on Adam Lind: Is He Still a Deadbeat Dad?!


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When it comes to the fathers in the Teen Mom franchise, Adam Lind has always been one of the very, very worst.

Like, just a sincerely terrible person in a wide variety of ways.

He’s so awful that in a list that includes dog killer David Eason and Ryan Edwards, the guy that nodded off while driving to his wedding and threatened to murder his son’s stepfather, he could potentially beat them all for the title of “Worst Teen Mom Dad.”

During his time on the show, he said some truly terrible things to and about Chelsea Houska and their daughter, Aubree — fans will definitely remember when he called Chelsea a “fat stretch mark bitch” and told asked her how he could “sign the papers over for that mistake,” meaning Aubree.

He was emotionally abusive towards her during their relationship, and he never seemed all that interested in caring for his kid.

Then, when he and Chelsea finally broke up, he started coming around even less — another thing that Teen Mom fans will definitely recall is that first Father Daughter dance when he stood Aubree up because he was preparing for a weightlifting competition.

He’s also been arrested numerous times for things like drunk driving, failing court-ordered drug tests, domestic abuse, and of course refusing to pay child support ever.

He’s such an absent father that he signed away his parental rights to Paislee, the daughter he had with the girl he dated after Chelsea.

So yes, not a great guy, and really the only thing that keeps him from being universally acknowledged as the worst dad on the show is the fact that he’s sort of dropped off the face of the planet.

He quit filming for Teen Mom 2 in 2017, and he quit social media then, too, so the only time we ever really hear about him is when he gets arrested or when Chelsea offers an update.

And, lucky for us, she did just that in a recent Instagram Live!

During the video, Chelsea brought up her ex, acknowledging that “Everyone wants to know about Aubree and her dad.”

“I think he’s doing pretty good,” she shared.

“I don’t know because I don’t speak to him personally, but I have heard good things, that he’s in a good place.”

It’s not a super detailed statement, but it’s still a shocker, right?

For a long time there, it really seemed like Adam would never be able to turn his life around, that he was destined for a lifetime of violence and addiction and arrests, so to hear that “he’s in a good place,” that’s a big deal.

Unfortunately, some things are still the same.

“Aubree’s still not, like, close with him,” Chelsea added. “There’s no, like, set-up time [for her] to see him.”

She did say that Aubree still visits with Adam’s parents though, so it sounds like she still has a connection to that side of her family.

Before this little update, we hadn’t really heard anything about Adam since the fall of 2020 when he was arrested for failure to pay child support and driving with expired plates — he payed a $2,000 bond to get out of jail, and a judge gave that money to Chelsea for the unpaid child support.

It actually seems like for once, this may be a “no news is good news” scenario.

We hope Adam really is doing well, and that he’s able to continue doing well.

If nothing else, Aubree deserves that much.

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