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Chelsea Houska’s Post-Baby Body Shocks Fans: Girl, You Need to Eat Something!


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During her time on MTV, Chelsea Houska quietly secured a place for herself as the most popular of all the Teen Moms.

It seems counter-intuitive that one of the more low-key cast members could also be the breakout star, but sometimes fans want someone down-to-earth to whom they feel they can relate.

And so it was with Chelsea, who weathered all kinds of storms before settling into her happily ever after with charming husband Cole De Boer.

Fans rooted for Chelesa during her tough times, and they aspired to follow in her footsteps after her luck turned around.

On a show full of cautionary tales, Houska was a refreshing change of pace — the rare reality star who offered an example to viewers of how to triumph over adversity and build the kind of life you want.

So when Chelesea quit Teen Mom 2 last year, fans reacted with a mix of horror and glum resignation.

(Many believed the long-running series had become so boring that even Houska couldn’t rescue it, and they now felt they had the excuse they needed to stop watching.)

But Chelsea promised to keep fans up to date via her Instagram page, and thus far, she’s done exactly that.

Whether Ms. Houska is hustling her kids off to school in the morning or enjoying a girls trip California’s famous Napa Valley (above), her 6.4 million Instagram followers are frequently invited to tag along.

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Unfortunately, all of that attention has prompted Chelsea to turn off the comments on her posts in recent weeks.

The problem, it appears, is that too many folks feel comfortable commenting on Chelsea’s appearance.

Most of the remarks are complimentary in nature, but you know how it goes:

One insult from one anonymous troll is all it takes to ruin your day sometimes.

And that’s especially true when the insult relates to one’s level of health and fitness.

Yes, Chelsea is the latest reality star to find herself on the receiving end of unwanted remarks about her weight.

But this time, so-called “fans” aren’t encouraging her to lose weight — rather, they’re imploring her to pack on some pounds.

Chelsea welcomed her fourth child in January, and under the guise of concern for her well-being, commenters have been admonishing her against losing the “baby weight” too rapidly.

Never mind that every body is different, and Chelsea’s bundle of joy arrived almost a year ago, these people believe their expertise on the subject of postpartum health is unmatched, and they want the whole world to know it.

The unsolicited advice is especially annoying in this case, as Chelsea is a fitness aficionado who has always been open and honest about her personal routines.

Houska recently partnered with Profile by Sanford, and she’s been very enthusiastic about the results she’s experienced with the nutrition plan.

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“I’m happiest when I’m healthiest, that’s why I’m SO excited to continue my Profile journey,” she wrote an Instagram by way of announcing the partnership.

“There have been so many new products at @Profile_Sanford it’s hard to keep up! Umm Profile Ice Cream? Where have you been all my life?! Let’s do this together!!”

So there’s no mystery regarding Chelsea’s methods for losing weight, and yet these concern trolls till act as though they’re worried that she’s developed an eating disorder.

No doubt this sort of attention reminds Chelsea of why she stepped away from television in the first place.

And she follows that up by backing away from social media too, we won’t have to wonder why.


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