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Chris Lopez Shares First Photo of Newborn Son, Reveals Controversial Name


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Chris Lopez has welcomed yet another baby boy!

This time, of course, Kailyn Lowry was not the baby mama, but she still found a way to involve herself in the situation.

It was Kail who first revealed to the world that Chris had gotten another woman pregnant.

You would think Lowry would be a little more sensitive to the harm that can be caused by sharing such news about someone else without their approval, considering how hard she flipped out when Jenelle Evans announced her pregnancy without permission.

But as with so many folks who attained fame and fortune at a young age, Lowry’s moral code seems to consist of nothing more than the phrase “it’s okay when I do it.”

Anyway, Chris’ second baby mama gave birth to his third son last year, and we’re sure all the negativity from Kail didn’t spoil the occasion for her.

In the months since Chris became a dad for the third time, he’s been keeping a slightly lower profile than usual, but this week, he introduced the world to his baby boy.

“Trew Christopher,” Lopez captioned the pic above, which was posted to his Instagram page on Monday.

Yes, Chris might have cursed the kid with a name that he’s gonna have to spell out to people every time he introduces himself, but it seems that his love for the boy is as “trew” as it gets.

Chris discussed his profound affection for his youngest son on a recent episode of his podcast, and some fans felt that he gave short shrift to his other two boys.

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“I love being a dad, I promise you,” Lopez said.

“But low-key … I experience more with the third one than I have with the others. It feels crazy. It feels good.” 

Needless to say, that’s sort of an insensitive remark.

We think Chris meant to say that he’s been more involved with Trew’s life because he gets along better with the boy’s mother.

But he didn’t do a very good job of articulating that sentiment,

“I’m a dad of three now,” Lopez continued.

“Not going to lie, my head is all over the place,” he added.

“Three! Three boys … [I’m] sitting here thinking, ‘Dang, I got three.’ What the hell is going on?”

Kail has not spoken explicitly about her ex’s new bundle of joy, but she did seem to address the matter indirectly during a recent interview.

“[My biggest regret of 2021 is] still ignoring red flags,” Kailyn told In Touch last month December.

“And not protecting myself in terms of boundaries with people.”

On the latest episode of her “Coffee Convos” podcast, Kail revealed that she regrets “the little petty things that I’ve posted on Instagram,” and many fans concluded that she was referring to her decision to leak the news about Chris’ baby mama.

“Whether it actually bothered me or not, I didn’t really have to post about it, you know?” she added.

“Then somebody else can respond to it and it’s not worth it,” Kail continued.

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“I think sometimes [we] accidentally use [social media] to vent, but then it backfires. Not everything needs a reaction.”

Truer words were never spoken (no pun intended).

Here’s hoping that Kail — and everybody else — will resolve to be a bit more mindful about what they choose to post in 2022.


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