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Farrah Abraham Arrest Video Shows Nonstop Belligerence After Alleged Assault


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New year, same menace.

Over the weekend, Farrah Abraham was arrested for allegedly slapping a security guard.

Farrah has had a lot to say about the incident, even going Full Karen by demanding that the employee be fired.

There is also video of the incident, some suspiciously without sound, and some including Farrah’s belligerent yelling.

Sophia and Farrah Abraham 04 of 06 for Halloween 2021

As we reported earlier this week, Farrah Abraham’s lifelong pattern of not taking responsibility is still going strong.

In a furious rant full of classic Farrah-isms, she claimed she had been bruised and battered during the weekend’s incident.

While it’s entirely believable that Farrah sustained bruising on Saturday, was it from being battered?

The video that Farrah posted is one minute long and without audio.

(It will soon become clear why it seemed wisest, from Farrah’s perspective, for the video to be silent)

For one minute, Farrah is seen being restrained on the sidewalk, struggling and being pinned down.

Out of context, this could potentially sound and look alarming.

However, it is reported that this came only after Farrah herself turned violent after being asked to leave.

It is well known that Farrah reacts in extreme and hostile ways at any reproach, whether it’s from a Harvard professor or a security guard.

We don’t claim to know everything about what went down on Saturday night.

From the video that Farrah posted, she appears to be struggling against being restrained.

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She is also missing her shoe. Onlookers appear to be observing the struggle as a spectacle rather than as a crime in progress.

However, Farrah’s foray into silent films is not the only insight into what went down.

TMZ’s video from that same night is equipped with audio, and filmed from a different angle.

This provides a lot of illumination into why Farrah was restrained.

In TMZ‘s video, Farrah is seen yelling while being pinned — which may be why she cut the audio from her own video.

Extremely belligerent, Farrah yells in a manner that many people associate with someone who is intoxicated.

She repeatedly insists that she is “calm” while the man restraining her asks her to “calm down.”

Farrah arrest

While announcing that she is a “law student” and rambling about the Constitution, she seems to calm enough to be sat upright.

Farrah sounds shocked when told that she had tried to kick, hit, and bite security employees at the venue.

She insists that she “would never” do anything like that, while the man simply asks her to not do so again.

During her arrest — which was after police arrived, who were only called when her belligerence made paramedics insufficient — Farrah is indignant.

Turning to face TMZ‘s camera, she insists that she doesn’t know why she is being handcuffed.

Not only does she loudly insist that she did not hit anyone, but Farrah — who has been arrested for assault before — adds that she would never hit anyone.

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Farrah has referred to her being detained and arrested on Saturday as “woman abuse.”

While many women — and others — around the world are abused every day, there are rare instances when someone is a threat to themselves or others.

In those circumstnaces, a person may have to be restrained temporarily. It’s sad but, at times, necessary.

Reports suggest that this weekend’s incident was one of those times, and Farrah’s behavioral history suggests the same.

It’s said that she was asked to leave Grandmaster Records, struck security, had to be escorted out, and that paramedics and police were called.

We of course do not claim to have special knowledge of what happened, but that is all very worrisome.

Farrah is a grown adult. Her daughter is on the cusp of becoming a teenager.

There is no excuse for this, and Farrah’s threat to never change may mean that she never improves her behavior.

That is a problem for her, for Sophia, and for various employees and security guards at wherever Farrah happens to be.

Farrah Abraham is not a good person. She has made this very clear for years.

But it is possible that some elements of her behavior, just like her inability to speak coherently, are the results of real issues that have not been addressed.

We hope that justice is done in the wake of Saturday’s arrest and that Farrah can get whatever help she needs.

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