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Christine Quinn: I Didn’t Fake My Pregnancy! What the F–k is Wrong with You People?!?


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Christine Quinn has issued a scathing rebuke in response to a rather astounding rumor.

The Selling Sunset star — who chronicled her pregnancy and life as a new parent on Selling Sunset Season 4 — jumped on social media this weekend and trashed critics for raising questions about her motherhood journey.

The question in specific some have raised?

Whether she was ever actually pregnant!

On herr Instagram Stories on Saturday, the reality star uploaded a screenshot of a private message she received from an unidentified user… in which the individual accused Quinn of faking her pregnancy.

“Why did you fake your pregnancy?” asked this person.

“It’s totally OK to admit to having a surrogate but don’t set unrealistic expectations for PP moms when you didn’t even carry the baby yourself.

“It’s deceitful and a shame.”

Christine Quinn claps back

Thankfully, the Netflix personality didn’t give this moron very much of her time, simply firing back as follows:

“K y’all are beyond f–king sick.”

Quinn eventually deleted this reply, only to address the exchange and the unwarranted criticism on Twitter.

“For all yall still mad on pregnancy gate please go look at my ig stories. And apologize. This is seriously so hurtful,” she wrote.

“You can post a picture of giving birth and these conspiracy people still won’t believe you. Kinda of sick,” one follower commented, to which Christine replied:

“Hahq [sic] so true babe.”

Later, another social media user called the Texas native’s pregnancy “alleged” on Instagram, prompting Quinn to cite her since-deleted Instagram Story remark and write back:

“Please go stalk my ig now, byeeee.”

The Selling Sunset cast member welcomed son Christian with husband Christian Richard in May.

She showcased her growing baby bump and very fancy baby shower on season 4 Selling Sunset, 

During the new season, which dropped earlier this week, she also recounted her traumatic birth story to fellow real estate agents Vanessa Villela and Amanza Smith after they met her baby for the first time on camera.

“He was coming out sideways, and his umbilical cord was wrapped around him,” Quinn said on air.

“They said his heart rate’s going down. All I hear is, ‘Emergency C-section. Let’s go, let’s go!’ [Christian] was absolutely freaking out. …

“My heart rate was going down, the baby’s heart rate was going down, and then one of the nurses went up to Christian and said, ‘You need to make a priority right now.

“You have to choose one.’ He was like, ‘Both.’”

Shortly after welcoming the newborn, Quinn also told People Magazine:

“Baby C is more precious than I could have ever imagined. Nine months seems like a lifetime to wait to meet someone.

“It is the most incredible feeling to know that you have created life.

“My protective mama bear mentality is stronger than ever. My sole job is to protect him, to love him and to raise him.”

She also expounded at the time about the very scary (and very real!) delivery:

“Baby C umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.

“Baby C was seconds away from not making it. The surgeons didn’t even have time to count their tools before stitching me up as I was flatlining.

“They ran me through the X-ray machine immediately after surgery to ensure there was no remaining tools left in my body.

“I am so grateful for the doctors and surgeons that saved BOTH of us.

“I thank God everyday for my blessings, and my miracle baby.”

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