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Colt Johnson Chaperones Debbie on a Date: Trust Me Mom, Some Guys Are Creeps!


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90 Day: The Single Life has shown us all the ugly side of Colt Johnson’s bond with his mom, Debbie.

There is also a more positive side to their at times codependent relationship.

In this clip, Colt is driving his mother across state lines to go on her date with Bill.

But she hasn’t met Bill or even really spoken to him. 

Colt Johnson drives his mom to her date

Colt Johnson admits in this clip that he feels that he has almost become his mother’s “father.”

This time, the role-reversal comes because he is playing chaperone.

He is driving Debbie, who is 70 years old, across state lines to meet up with a man she met online.

Debbie Johnson is all dolled up for her date

“I know a thing or two about talking to someone online and then traveling to meet them,” Colt notes.

On camera, he has done this twice. First with Larissa Lima, then with Jess Caroline.

Colt has also done this off camera. He knows what men can be like, because he knows what he can be like.

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra compliment

“I feel like I should be there to help her,” Colt conveys to the camera.

It’s a long drive to see Bill, this mystery man, for one thing.

Colt warns: “It’s gonna be tough.”

Debbie Johnson cries, fears being homeless with her cats

In the passenger seat, Debbie tells her son that she talks to this guy “every couple of days.”

Naturally, there is the question of whether Debbie’s messages with this man have taken a turn for the sexual.

Debbie struggles to find the word, but then confirms that there has been no “sexting.”

Debbie Johnson tries to call her no-show date

“He’s never asked me for a nudie-cutie,” Debbie quips, “and I’ve never asked him for a nudie-cutie.”

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(I’m now obsessed with using this term for nudes, thank you Debbie)

Debbie then adds: “I do not want a guy sending me a dick pic.”

Jess Caroline - Colt says

We are all treated immediately to flashbacks of Jess saying “good morning, my dick.”

Colt is notorious for sending photos of his penis to side pieces and even to random fans on Instagram.

He did this during his marriage to Larissa and then while he was dating Jess.

Jess Caroline - and Colt say

Colt then jokes about wishing that he were dead rather than hearing this discussion.

However, it then comes out that Debbie has never video chatted with Bill in any capacity.

That seems like a bit of a red flag when it comes to going to meet someone.

Debbie Johnson leaves an angry voicemail

It is quickly pointed out that this guy could be lying to Debbie, or even catfishing her.

She has not video chatted with him or run a background check on him.

However, Debbie does not enjoy this discussion, complaining that it’s making her “feel stupid.”

Debbie Johnson reacts with shock and anger

As the clip ends, Debbie is clearly not in the best mood.

She was already nervous ahead of her date.

Now she feels like she is being shamed and made fun of for not being very familiar with dating, as it’s been decades.

Debbie Johnson prepares for her date

90 Day: The Single Life has quite a cast of characters from the franchise, from the toxic Big Ed Brown to the headline-making Stephanie Matto.

But Debbie has a lot of people genuinely rooting for her to succeed and find love.

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She’s 70, she is generally well-liked by fans, and it’s amazing to see her put herself out there — on camera, no less — and try to find love.

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