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Coronavirus India Third Wave Live Updates: Covid-19 Vaccine India Latest Update, Coronavirus Cases and Death Ratio in India, Coronavirus R Factor India Latest Update, Covid-19 Stats India


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India has seen a slight uptick in the number of active Covid cases in the country. (PTI Photo)

Coronavirus Case and Fatality Rate in India, Coronavirus Third Wave Live Updates:  In the next four months, the world will complete 2 years of the painful existence of the novel coronavirus. It was in 2019 when on December 31st, China officially communicated to the World Health Organization about the emergence of a new virus. Since then, nothing has been the same again. Major economies are experiencing a new wave of Covid-19 infections. From Russia to Australia, from Japan to the US, the coronavirus is still raging and plundering the already fragile healthcare systems. What has changed in 2021 is the face of the virus. Now, the new variant, which was first detected in India is raging in various parts around the globe. Health experts have warned that Delta is just one of the many variants of the ever-changing novel coronavirus. Unlike measles, the transmission of the coronavirus can’t be completely stopped.

It is against the backdrop of such a volatile situation that the coronavirus vaccination holds the key to our safer future. Many nations that had bought stocks of vaccines in 2020 managed a quick rollout. However, things have quickly turned tense with inoculation drive hitting a roadblock. While the US is undergoing a new Delta wave, New Zealand has said that it would be shutting down its borders again and may look at gradual reopening in 2022.

Back home, the pace of daily vaccination has picked up. In a new trend, rural areas have seen a higher number of daily Covid jabs in comparison with the cities.

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