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Direct To Fabric Printing Machine in Surat


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A Direct To Fabric (DTF) is a new era printing machine that prints documents directly onto garments. It has various advantages over older printing machines such as thermal printing, dot matrix and inkjet printers. It is economical and speedy. With the advent of electronic data and electronic pictures, digital printing has taken a major leap forward. This new generation printing machine incorporates several technologies to ensure greater quality and less time wastage.

The latest technologies employed by a direct to fabric printing machine in Surat are mentioned below. They include digital printers, solid ink printers, digital photo printers, laser printers, dye sublimation printers, multi-tasking printers and multi-surface printers. Each of these technologies has different capabilities that can be used for printing documents. Some of them are discussed below:

A digital single mode printer is a printer that prints one color on a surface. This type of machine offers infinite DPI, excellent printing speed, minimal cleaning, and high resolutions. Some of them have built-in monochrome CMYK technology to provide smooth transition from one color to another. They are perfect for textiles, cushion covers and many more textiles.

A direct to fabric printing machine in Surat, India is capable of printing solid colors on cotton. It includes duplex printing technology that allows solid colors on top of multi-colored stripes. This is a popular choice for textile manufacturers who want to print stripes on their products. They offer vivid and rich colors to their customers.

Another new feature is duplex printing technology. This is the latest addition to the range of options available in this machine. The technology allows the computerized system to separate the pattern from the design. The resulting product is an exact duplicated design that is good enough to be used as a pattern for printing.

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In order to meet the printing needs of big graphic arts companies, direct to fabric printing machine in Surat is equipped with a large LCD screen. It allows the manufacturer to control the colors, adjust the sizes and overlay designs on it easily. They can also see the quality of the product through the clear display window.

Another popular feature available in direct to fabric printing machine in Surat is the duplex feeder. This machine has two heat sources, namely, electronic feeders and regular hot water. It enables fast drying of the fabric while enabling the printer to feed multiple colors simultaneously. Due to this feature, the manufacturers can increase the number of colors and sizes of the product quickly.

When shopping for direct to fabric printing machine in Surat, the users should keep certain aspects in mind. First and foremost, they need to determine the budget they have allocated for the purchase. Secondly, they need to determine which machine they are going to buy. Last but not the least, they need to ensure the quality of the products they buy from the manufacturer.

Some of the most preferred manufacturers of in-line inkjet printers are Hewlett Packard, J&R Shoe, and Epson. HP inkjet printers are widely used for desktop publishing. These companies have their own websites where they show Off the various models and prices of these machines. Many of these websites also offer bargains and discounts on the inkjet printers they are selling.

In-line inkjet printers are made using several technologies. These include solid ink cartridges, polyester cartridges, dye sublimation printers, and laser printers. The dye sublimation printers use UV light to heat the ink whereas the other two types use heat energy via a fan. If the cost of purchasing these machines is high, then the users can go for the polyester printers as they are comparatively less expensive.

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One more kind of direct to fabric printing machine in Surat is the portable and desktop direct to fabric printing machine. These are portable machines that can be used for home and small office uses. These can be as small as 4″ widescreen models.

However, the users need to look for specific qualities in the printing machine before buying it. Some of these machines might not have the best technology. This will ultimately prove to be a wastage of money. It is also advisable to do a thorough research about these machines before buying them, so that the users can make the best use of these machines.


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