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Duggar Family’s Former Neighbors: Thank God Josh Was Convicted!


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For more than half a decade, the world knew exactly what sort of twisted creature Josh Duggar really is.

Last week, Josh was convicted on charges of receiving and possessing child sexual abuse material.

Before the jury came back with a verdict, his Arkansas neighbors were holding their breath just as much as the rest of us.

From Springdale to Tontitown, people are breathing a sigh of relief that Josh is safely off of the streets.

Right now, Josh Duggar is in jail where he belongs awaiting sentencing.

He could potentially face decades in prison.

The court will sentence Josh in about four months at the earliest.

An inside source spoke to In Touch Weekly about how Josh and his family’s current and former neighbors are feeling.

“The talk among the majority of residents in Springdale, where the Duggars first lived, and Tontitown, where they settled and still live, is relief,” the insider reported.

The trial is over, and ended the right way.

“Relief that this whole Josh mess is finally coming to an end,” the source detailed.

And most importantly, it has come to an end “due to the guilty verdict.”

The insider shared: “Most people in town were horrified when Josh and the child pornography story broke.”

“It was shocking,” the source acknowledged.

“But because of his past issues,” the insider admitted, “it wasn’t that surprising for some folks.”

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Considering the dark revelations about Josh’s history as a sexual predator in 2015, his arrest six years later was easier to understand.

“The Duggars went from being celebs in small town Arkansas because of their TLC series,” the source described.

The insider alleged that they were even “liked in town” by many residents.

The source shared that they went from that “to becoming a negative stain on the community.”

“In the early days, having all those kids walking through town,” the insider continued.

These were young Duggars “who were polite and very well-behaved, along with their very conservative religious beliefs.”

For a long time, even with all of the reports about the family and cult, having the Duggars around “was never really an issue.”

“It wasn’t until Josh’s abuse allegations in 2015, which his parents and sisters eventually confirmed,” the source explained.

Only then did the Duggars reach a point “that the tide began to turn.”

A lot of people understand Jim Bob and his family for what they really are, and a lot of the ire is focused upon Josh.

“If you bring up the Duggar name to someone who lives here today,” the insider shared, “you’ll get a range of emotions.”

“Mostly outrage and disgust for what Josh has done,” the source explained.

The insider then warned: “There are still people in town who support the family.”

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According to the source’s assessment of lingering supporters, “they don’t blame them for Josh’s actions.”

“But,” the insider emphasized, “there are plenty more who just want them to go away.”

The source stated: “No one here wants to talk about them anymore, especially Josh.”

“They’re tired of hearing about the Duggars on local news 24/7,” the insider explained.

The source concluded: “They just want their lives to go on as normal.”

While we cannot confirm the accuracy of that report, it sounds very believable.


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