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Effective Leadership Style: What Makes A Good Leader


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Running a business or organization necessitates careful planning and execution. But what major point are we overlooking here? It’s a great leader who inspires and empowers his employees to work hard and efficiently. Because employees are a company’s or organization’s most valuable asset, it is up to the leadership to guide those employees.

Apart from having a higher rank in the organization, a leader is in charge of many things. He must foster an environment in which people feel motivated and valued. A good leader is a true asset to the organization, whereas a bad leader is a liability.

Here are some characteristics of a good leader that propel a company and its reputation to new heights of success.

Communicates Effectively

The first and most important characteristic of a good leader is that he is a good communicator. A good communicator who is also a good listener. Listening to and understanding team issues gives employees a sense of value, as well as confidence and trust in you.

Shows Humbleness

Only a few learn to differentiate between being a leader and being a boss. When a leader considers himself the boss, he begins to act like a boss, and when he considers himself a leader, he leads rather than taking complete charge. Instead of taking all of the credit, he shares his accomplishments and credits.

Shows Consistency

Maintaining consistency and a positive attitude is a difficult task. There are times at work when things go too far and you don’t know how to handle the situation. This is when a leadership quality shines through. A good leader strives for excellence and passion in all phases of his or her career.

Leads With Example

Leaders who practice what they preach are uncommon. The best way to gain trust as a leader is to do what you expect your employees to do. A good leader models the behavior he wants others to emulate. For example, if he expects his team to work hard, he will work hard; if he expects his team to meet deadlines on time, he will ensure that these things are met.

Motivates And Inspires

With their passion, optimism, motivation, and inspiration, the best leaders inspire and motivate their teams. He takes the time to get to know the people he leads to determine where they excel, where they fall short, and what their priorities are. This not only makes them feel valued but also assists him in determining the best way to motivate his team based on those facts.

Knows His Strength And Weaknesses

Being a leader does not imply that you are flawless. Every person who works in an organization may have flaws. A good leader recognizes his own weaknesses and works to improve them.

Shows Versatility

In business, there may be times when the strategies that have been devised no longer work. A good leader recognizes when it is appropriate to use a different approach. When one strategy fails, he tries a new one and stays current in all stages of a business’s life.

To be a good leader, keep the aforementioned traits in mind and incorporate them into your leadership style. If you want things to go more smoothly during your leadership era, contact Caroline Kennedy for business coaching in Melbourne for further improvement in your leadership style.


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