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Ellie Rose and Victor McLean: Are They REALLY Still Together After that Ugly Fight?


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On this weekend’s new 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Ellie and Victor had the lowest moment of their on-screen relationship.

The two had an ugly fight, saying things that one would think that neither could take back.

Somehow, the two of them made up afterwards and acted as happy as could be the next morning.

There’s no way that they’re actually still together after all of that, right? … Right?

Ellie Rose and Victor McLean throwback

Ellie Rose and Victor McLean were clearly crazy about each other after they met.

But when the pandemic hit, bringing Victor to the United States was no longer an immediate option.

Ellie could move to be with him … but she would be leaving behind many things, including her friends and her beloved pizza restaurant.

Ellie Rose in her pizza restaurant

Her friends were concerned, in part because of the imbalance in the relationship.

Ellie and Victor were very close in age, but not financially.

She had sent him thousands of dollars if not more … and yes, some of her friends were worried.

Ellie Rose hugs Hiromi and Kelly goodbye

There were other concerns than missing their friend … like the cheating.

Victor hadn’t just hooked up with some other woman. He had moved her into his house with him.

He had told this side piece that Ellie was an ex who couldn’t accept that they’d broken up. That’s … a lot.

Ellie Rose received a message from Victor's side piece

Victor being so serious with two women that it’s hard to say who was the real side piece is not the worst of it.

Ellie revealed to the cameras, but not to her friends, that he has a record for domestic violence.

That right there should have been the end of the discussion and relationship, but Ellie inexplicably continued the romance.

Ellie Rose - a domestic violence charge for an incident

Her plan was to fly down to see Victor — their first in-person meeting since Victor’s affair.

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There was already a lot of setup for tension, for obvious reasons.

Then, a literal disaster struck — a Category 5 hurricane.

Ellie Rose sneak peek hurricane fear - 03

Ellie was out of contact with Victor.

The final messages from him before cell service went down described how afraid he was for his life.

Ellie feared that she might never see him again.

Ellie Rose cries with worry during the storm

Ellie flew down to San Andres, knowing that she could not go directly to Providencia.

San Andres was spared from the devastation of the storm, and was where many survivors had traveled.

Even there, viewers could clearly see the different standard of living — another relationship hiccup — when the hotel had only cold water.

Ellie Rose takes a cold shower in San Andres

Ellie did receive texts from Victor after hearing from his sister that he was okay.

Finally, the two were able to meet up at the airport.

Despite everything that we knew about Victor, it was a tender moment to witness.

Victor McLean hugs Ellie Rose - oh babe I'm crying

But their reunion also signaled that there was a lot of work to do.

Though Victor’s house was spared from much of the destruction, it was missing a window and a roof.

Ellie got a nasty surprise at the overpriced drill while shopping for home repair supplies. A basic drill should not be $150.

Ellie Rose learns that 558,000 COP = $148 USD

Ellie was taken aback by the pervasive devastation.

Though she would later observe that more greenery had survived than she had first thought, it looked like the island was devastated by a fire.

Only later would she get a first-hand look at how close Victor had come to dying in the storm.

Ellie Rose and Victor McClean return to his house

Before that, however, they went to go do some initial work on Victor’s house.

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The two immediately began to quarrel over little things, like which chores to do first.

There were hostile things said that did not point to a happy, healthy relationship.

Victor McLean argues with Ellie - you act like there is no water

Victor would go on to repeatedly blame his trauma from the storm for his behavior.

In his defense, he did take her to see the sink cabinet under which he and his sister’s family hid.

It was one of the only pieces of the house still standing, thanks to the sturdiness of the plumbing.

Victor McLean shows Ellie Rose where he hid for his life

But trauma might explain hostile behavior — it does not excuse it.

Later, as Ellie discussed their possible plans for the future, Victor’s attitude resurfaced again.

Ellie was concerned about the long-term viability of earning money on an island that is mostly wreckage and rubble.

Ellie Rose and Victor McLean start arguing about plans, money

To Victor, this was some sort of attack on him, his island, and his entire community.

He expressed a lot of clear insecurities about money, being extremely defensive on the subject.

Conversely, he accused Ellie of being obsessed with money when all that she had done was ask how well bartending would work without tourists.

Ellie Rose describes Victor McLean - got a f--king chip on his shoulder

Victor acted as if the question were a declaration of war, and as if she were lording the money that she sent over him.

He offered to total up all of the money that he “owes” her and send it to her and they could go their separate ways.

Of course … Ellie never really asked him for any money back, and that clearly wasn’t on her mind so much as future income was.

Victor McLean - add up the money I owe her

They were both visibly hurt and upset.

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By the fire near the beach, Ellie admitted that she wished that she were gone.

She didn’t book a flight back to Seattle, but in that moment, she wished that she could just “magically” no longer be there.

Ellie Rose wishes that she could just magically be home in this moment

Somehow, the next morning, the two very abruptly mended fences despite their hurt feelings.

They apologized to each other — appropriately, Victor did some extra apologizing.

We know that editing can be misleading, but it seemed like a very fast reconciliation considering how bitter their conflict had been.

Victor McLean and Ellie Rose apologize to each other

We cannot really explain how they reconciled so quickly.

Some of the things that they said to each other … well, they’re the kinds of things that you can’t take back.

But this leads us to the question: are they seriously still together after all of that?

Victor McLean and Ellie Rose are happy again

There is more to Season 3 to come (this was only Episode 13, after all), but Ellie and Victor sure are acting like it on screen.

Given that they were still doing confessional interviews together, it looks like they didn’t split before filming finished.

And there have been reports and rumors that Ellie and Victor are one of the Season 3 couples that are still together … having been spotted in the United States.

Victor McLean and Ellie Rose and Victor's daughter (throwback pic)

But visiting the US together does not necessarily equal moving on a K-1 visa.

Their social media activity does not tell us anything about their relationship status except that Ellie has been back to work at her pizza place.

Odds seem pretty good that they are still a couple, but if so, they’re doing a pretty good job of hiding it.


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