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Everything you need to know about: Cotton pique fabric


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As we all know, the garment industry is growing at its peak and many other industries are connected with its growth. Being in a garment business means the most important raw material for your products is the fabric. There are different varieties of fabrics which are used for the different clothing options. Even one type of clothes is available in different fabrics. The garment industry is choosing the best supplier or the fabric manufacturer that can provide them with the premium quality of fabric which they can use in their manufacturing process.

The quality of the final product purely depends on the quality of fabric that is used in the manufacturing process. That is why it is important to choose the right one. Many fabrics are available in the market including French terry, cotton Lycra, denim, cotton pique fabric, and so on. The cotton pique fabric is also one of the emerging fabrics which are used in the garment industry. The mechanized technique is used to develop this fabric. It also became a highly used fabric for menswear. This fabric is having a subtle texture as well as pattern. This type of fabric is mainly used for manufacturing formal shirts and sportswear. 

This fabric is high in comfort and is breathable in nature. This fabric or pique cotton is also known by the name of Marcella. It is mainly used to manufacture polo shirts. This fabric is quite costlier than the other fabrics like jersey etc. This fabric is having a texture or a pattern of waffles if you look closely. It is a bit heavier kind of fabric. But the pique fabric is made using cotton that is why it is breathable and known as airy fabric. 

The fabric is famous as raised parallel strings on it. It is mainly used for the white tie events as we have already discussed that it usually used to manufacture formal shirts for such events. It is cool in nature means you can wear it any season. It also helps in hiding the strains from the sweat on your back or on your underarms so that it won’t look bad. It is mainly available in two types of colors one is plain white and the other one is dark pique. A cotton pique fabric is also used in manufacturing the clothes of the children, draperies, knit skirts, etc. The texture of this fabric is mainly ribbed and that is why it is known for showcasing the diamond shapes on the fabric. So, from above it is cleared that these are the following characteristics of this fabric:

  • It is breathable as well as durable. 
  • Help you in hiding those stubborn sweat strains on your shirts. 
  • Useful for events of white-collar jobs or sportswear especially golf. 
  • Main fabric to manufacture polo shirts or t-shirts.
  • Ribbed fabric or give you an appearance like a waffle etc. 

So, this is everything you need to know about the cotton pique fabric. You can contact the cotton pique fabric supplier to get details about its dimensions, price, and how to order. 

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