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Farrah Abraham: I Will NEVER Apologize and NEVER Change!


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A lot of people dislike Farrah Abraham, and no one buy’s Farrah’s explanation for why she’s hated.

In her mind, her detractors are just “haters” who commit “hate crimes” against her.

Farrah is now making it clear that she’s angling for an apology and major changes from her enemies.

She is making it equally apparent that she has no intention of changing her ways … or saying sorry. Ever.

Farrah Abraham preps for her LSAT

Farrah Abraham has taken a lot of heat, especially since her return to Teen Mom was announced.

That ominous news reminded those who had long ago written her off that ignoring her will not just make her pop out of existence.

Farrah still exists, and she hasn’t changed.

Oh, she’s altered her body plenty — her hair, her butt, and more.

Farrah has shown herself undergoing multiple vaginal rejuvenation treatments over the years, despite her youth.

Recently, she has inflated her lips to previously unseen proportions.

Obviously, Farrah can do whatever she wants with her flesh prison.

It’s her body to modify as she sees fit.

But her motive behind some of the images and videos that she shares of it — to get attention in any form — has drawn very fair complaints.

Then, of course, there is Farrah’s parenting.

She seems to love dragging Sophia into the spotlight at every turn, using her as a marketing prop.

Seriously — the two have filmed commercials together.

As 12-year-old should be worried about school, her friends online and in person, and more.

Instead, Farrah brings Sophia to dangerous grown-up gatherings and refuses to let her go to an actual school until high school.

The years of socialization that Sophia is missing out on can never be replaced.

Many also feel that Farrah is forcing Sophia to grow up too quickly.

Some of Farrah’s choices may be the right ones, with her mistake being broadcasting them to the world.

12-year-olds should not have their every antic broadcast to hundreds of thousands of people, especially not by their moms.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham vibrator display TikTok

Farrah is also just plain inappropriate at times, a sentiment felt by many people who are genuinely not prudes at all.

Doing goofy stuff with your daughter is cool.

Smacking her with a vibrator or grinding your vajayjay on a broom in front of her is not.

Sophia and Farrah Abraham 05 of 06 for Halloween 2021

Farrah is not even close to being the worst mom in the Teen Mom franchise, which is sad but true.

Her parenting is not the only issue with her, however.

Farrah is also known to go on unhinged rants at the drop of a hat, sharing paranoid conspiracy theories and getting downright racist.

If you’re expecting Farrah to apologize … well, we have to wonder if you just popped in from an alternate universe where she is reasonable.

She’s not going to, because she doesn’t think that she has done anything wrong, and will always blame others.

Speaking of Farrah blaming others, check out her recent Instagram Story … which is clearly not about herself, even though it should be.

Farrah Abraham IG the best apology is changed behavior

“The best apology is changed behavior,” the quasi-inspirational post reads.

In general, and with some exceptions, we don’t disagree — though a verbal apology can be nice in the short run.

But Farrah being Farrah, one has to imagine that she’s showing that she wants the rest of the world to change their behavior as a way of apologizing to her.

That is not going to happen. In fact, it should not.

We can acknowledge that Farrah does not listen when she is called out for her bad behavior. In some ways, backlash keeps her career afloat.

But that doesn’t mean that saying something isn’t the right thing to do. Farrah needs to change, not the rest of the world.

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