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Kailyn Lowry: I Will NEVER Be Friends with Javi Marroquin Again!


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Earlier this year, there was speculation (once again) that Kailyn Lowry was back with Javi Marroquin.

The exes have had considerable ups and downs over the years.

They’ve been lovers, they’ve been effective co-parents. they’ve been friends.

Now, Kailyn says, they will never be friends again. She’s even seeing a therapist to keep from backsliding.

Kailyn Lowry spoke on a recent episode of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast.

There, she admitted that she will “never be friends” with Javi again.

That will be awkward, considering that they share a child … and considering that she just announced this to the entire world.

Kailyn and Javi have enjoyed a solid friendship and co-parenting relationship.

They also had a business partnership going for them.

That was before things fell apart last month.

The bad news is that they are no longer getting along.

The good news is that the rest of us will no longer have to see the at times excessively horny social media posts about each other.

If I can feel the sexual tension through my screen, you can tone it down.

“I’m never going to be his friend again,” Kailyn declared. “No, I’m really not.”

She revealed: “I’m going to therapy to specifically not be friends with him.”

Kailyn continues: “Like, that’s what I’m working on right now.”

“I’m in therapy to talk about how to not be his friend,” Kailyn detailed.

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“But to co-parent civilly,” she continued, “and not be best friends.”

Kailyn then expressed: “I think being best friends is super toxic.”

Just weeks ago, Kailyn was sharing little clips of her cuddling with Javi on the couch.

Sometimes, co-parents who are exes but also get along as friends will do this.

For that matter, purely platonic friends who have never and will never have sex will also do this.

“You post stuff as if it’s humorous,” Javi publicly scolded Kail. “Do not post me.”

He continued: “I already asked you to stop posting me. Period.”

In the same public comment that anyone could see, Javi asked Kailyn to “Respect that.”

Kailyn also touched upon another … complicated part of her family.

Kailyn of course has four children with three different baby daddies.

(Grimly, the only repeat customer is the worst of the bunch)

Kailyn’s four kids have more than just each other as siblings, however.

Vivi is a half-sister to Isaac. Eli is a half-brother to Lincoln.

CJ is Chris Lopez’s new son, and has both Lux and Creed as half-siblings.

“We should try to get all the kids together for a picture,” Kailyn expressed later on the podcast.

It would, she admitted, have to wait until she and Javi were getting along better.

She also admitted that Lincoln sees Vivi as a sister despite no actual genetic overlap, since she is his brother’s sister. That makes sense.

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Kailyn knows that most of her desire for a big array of the siblings is possible.

The trickiest of the bunch, however, would be trying to include baby CJ.

Chris, who plays twisted mind games with Kail using their kids as pawns and once photographed himself burning her book, is less coooperative.

“We could at least get six of them together,” Kailyn suggested.

She added that they could potentially photoshop CJ into the picture to make it complete.

If needed, she added, they could potentially do the same to include Eli of Javi wasn’t feeling like playing along.

This is where Vee (who is Vivi’s mom) kind of balked at the idea.

She doesn’t see all of the kids as “siblings” … not enough to include CJ in the mix, anyway.

“It’s just weird to me because I feel like Vivi is never going to meet [Chris’ son],” Vee explained.

“It’s different for you, since we’re close and stuff, she knows your kids,” Vee told Kailyn.

“But outside of yours,” she explained, “I don’t think she’s going to ever know them.”

Kailyn agreed to use photoshop for Eli and CJ instead of trying to get them into the same photo as Vivi.


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