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Farrah Abraham: I’ve Been Needing to Escape From My Daughter Since Was 4!


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We probably don’t need to tell you that Farrah Abraham is not the greatest mom on the planet.

In fact, some would rank the former Teen Mom OG star among June Shannon and Jenelle Evans on the list of the worst moms in the history of reality television.

Sometimes, we think people are being unfair to Farrah and judging her past behavior too harshly.

Then we’re reminded that Farrah talked about taking “a break” from daughter Sophia when the girl was four years old, and we feel like the criticism doesn’t go nearly far enough!

Yes, in a 2013 interview that was rediscovered by UK tabloid The Sun this week, Farrah talked about her daughter as though the two of them were experiencing creative differences while collaborating on a business partnership.

“It’s healthy that we have a break. She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I’m doing mine,” Ms. Abraham said at the time.

Not surprisingly, folks on Reddit had a field day with Farrah’s ridiculous remarks.

“Not many people know this but social distancing was actually discovered by Farrah Abraham back in 2013,” one person joked.

“They’re both going to work on themselves and plan to regroup in fall,” another chimed in.

“‘She has her own life’ wow,” a third piled on.

Another person pointed out that this is probably just an instance in which Abraham was the victim of her own “Farrah-speak.”

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She probably meant to say that work obligations had forced her to spend time away from her daughter, but instead, she made it sound like she needed a mental health break from the 4-year-old she was raising.

“It’s interesting to me, because she could have easily spun this as — it’s really tough, but this is the best way to provide for my child right now — but instead her brain told her to say this,” a third piled on.

And another person pointed out that Farrah appears to have done a complete 180 when it comes to spending time with Sophia.

“Times have changed. Now it seems she won’t do anything without Sophia,” this person wrote.

Yes, these days, mother and daughter are inseparable!

Farrah sells her crap on Sophia’s website, and the two of them travel the world together non-stop!

The current situation has created some new problems, not the least of which is that Sophia should probably be in school at least occasionally.

Add to that the fact that lots of folks believe that Farrah works as an international escort and it’s not hard to see why there are still some major concerns!

But hey, at least these two are spending a lot of quality time together.

Sure, the fact that Farrah is attempting to turn Sophia into her mini-me is a little disturbing, but over-parenting has gotta be better than neglect, right?

Besides, at least this way, Sophia gets to put together a ton of material for her future memoirs.

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And given that she was raised to see every relationship as a money-making opportunity, we’re sure the girl is already taking copious notes.

Should be pretty hilarious when teaching Sophia all of her shady ways inevitably blows up in Farrah’s face!


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