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Farrah Abraham Pays Tribute to “Love of My Life” on Anniversary of Derek Underwood’s Death


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Look, you guys.

It’s easy to make fun of Farrah Abraham.

The former Teen Mom OG star has made it extremely easy over the years, rambling on at times about MTV being racist and/or exploiting her daughter in every way possible and/or saying really cruel stuff about women who get abortions.

But here’s the thing:

Abraham suffered a legitimate personal tragedy 13 years ago.

13 years ago, to be exact, as it turns out.

For those unaware, Farrah was a cast member on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant way back in 2009 when she revealed the devastating news that her then-boyfriend, Derek Underwood, had been killed in a car crash in December of 2008.

Just a month later, Abraham gave birth their daughter, Sophia.

Farrah has often tried to keep Derek’s memory alive.

On multiple occasions, for example, she has visited his grave, typically with Sophia by her side.

On Wednesday, meanwhile, Abraham honored Underwood via a lengthy caption on Instagram.

“13 years later, I’m grateful I see ‘FATHER’ on your headstone today,” the mother of one wrote as part of a post that featured a photo of his grave.

“I’m grateful for our family, I’ve learned more about the human condition, bereavement, trauma, loss, & depression.

“Your life has made a world of difference to mine and so many others.

“In Living Memory, Peace & Love to DEREK UNDERWOOD. The Love Of My Life & FATHER to our amazing & blessed @sophialabraham.”

farrah rip

The reality star — who will return to the Teen Mom franchise next month when she appears on a special Teen Mom crossover special — also opened up about how the tragedy unfolded in her 2012 memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended.

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“I got off the phone and tried to calm down, but my mind was racing,” she wrote in the book.

“Derek was the father of the baby I was carrying inside me. He was my first love, my only true love.

“Now Derek was gone forever, and so was my happy ending.”

She continued at the time:

“Every year, we go to Derek’s grave site..

“We take pictures, we record it, and I have a whole baby box for Sophia with letters and pictures telling how and why things happened, and why I’m here today alone.”

Farrah’s most recent message comes seven months after she honored Derek’s memory on his birthday in early May.

“With all the emotion, love & strength at this time,” she captioned an Instagram video of herself alongside Sophia, 12.

“Never forgetting the tragic accident but also just as hard are Happy Birthday days-for my best friend, for my soul mate, my love of my life & Sophia’s father.”

May Drrek Underwood rest in peace.


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