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Farrah Abraham Responds to Arrest: I Was Set Up! Bruised! And Battered!


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On Saturday night, Farrah Abraham was arrested for battery.

This is a fact.

But that doesn’t mean it tells the whole story.

Not according to the Teen Mom star herself, who has shared a lengthy message on Instagram that allegedly reveals what truly went down at the nightclub Grandmaster Records in Hollywood.

First, a recap of events:

Abraham and a friend were spending a night out at the aforementioned establishment when, according to TMZ, Farrah started to get harassed by a hater.

This set the polarizing MTV personality off and she was asked to leave the premises.

In response, as she was confronted by a security guard, Abraham reportedly slapped the guard… was placed underr citizen’s arrest… and eventually taken into custody by the police.

TMZ even included a video of the arrest along with its story, and Abraham hasn’t really denied getting violent with the restaurant employee.

But she has detailed all the ways in which she claims to have been set up — not to mention assaulted and abused herself.

“I post this as no woman or man should ever be battered, abused, conspired, ganged up on, set up, recorded, and video sold,” began Abraham in a caption to this same arrest video.

“I’m putting a restraining order on @antonelloparloto livebad who made this dinner reservation and conspired an attack on myself with the staff at @grandmaster_recorders as it was a “private persons arrest” complete setup.”

Farrah arrest

As you can see above, the Teen Mom OG alum was thrown on to her stomach during the incident, as a security guard held her arms back and pushed her leg down.

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“I’ve had a very traumatizing year and I don’t deserve to be attacked, bruised, men on me, and battered,” continued Farrah on Sunday.

“As a single mother to be harassed, battered, and conspired against as a paying customer @grandmaster_recorders should fire their management, and security for all contributing to attacking 1 person out of 3 people.”

Abraham, of course, returned to the Teen Mom franchise just a few days ago when the network premiered Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

To some, that makes the timing of this arrest a tad bit fishy.

Whether it was constructed by Farrah herself or someone associated with the program, this may very well be nothing but a PR stunt.

Or it may just be another example of Farrah Abraham Gone Wild.

“I thank the HOLLYWOOD police for rescuing myself from being held against my will and being attacked, I NEEDED HELP- I couldn’t even use my phone. I’m blessed to go to church today,” she added a day after the unusual situation.

“I realize it’s no longer safe for woman to go out to eat in their own neighborhoods. I look forward to my law degree and I look forward to court.

“Justice will be served as always.”

Concluded Farrah on Instagram:

“Woman it is a scary unsafe world we live in, act upon your rights and always care for others even when everyone hurts you and attacks you.

“You are resilient and you are stronger then all of the weak people out there who hurt and traumatize us.”

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Shortly after the arrest, meanwhile, Farrah also issued a statement to TMZ.

This is what it said:

I’m tired of being maliciously battered, attacked, conspired against while having dinner at Grand Master Records, this was a private person’s arrest my lawyer is handling from here.

It is terrifying and traumatizing that people attack me and I can not even enjoy dinner as I’m the only person out of 3 attacked and harassed when.

I look forward to court as always, warning this place is a danger to public figures.


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