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Josh Duggar Computer Password May Be the Key to His Trial


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If Josh Duggar gets found guilty of child pornograpy possession, it will be due to the former reality star’s grotesque sexual appetite.

It will be because he is a mentally disturbed monster.

But in terms of the evidence that may bring him down?

It will have a lot more to do with Duggar’s pure stupidity.

After testifying for several hours on Thursday afternoon, James Fottrell took the stand again on Friday at Duggar’s trial in Arkansas.

As the director of the Department of Justice’s High Technology Investigative Unit, Fottrell was called as a witness by the prosecution to delve into the hardware-related basis for Duggar’s arrest.

Specifically, Fottrell was asked about personal forensic investigation of the three of Duggar’s devices that investigators seized: 

A personal MacBook, an iPhone and the HP desktop in his office.

As part of his testimony, Fottrell presented Duggar’s saved passwords from his Chrome account, all of which were versions of “intel1988.”

This is the same password the prosecution has previously said was used to protect Duggar’s partitioned part of his office desktop… the part on to which he allegedly downloaded videos such as the one described HERE.

These attorneys went on to note that “Intel1988” includes Duggar’s birth year, 1988.


Fottrell testified that that same password or variations of it (including “inteljjd” and “intel1988!”) were found either on the saved passwords list or in Josh’s computer notes, some dating back to 2014.

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In other words?

Duggar seemingly used the same password to download sexually graphic videos of minors as he had been using in other areas of his life for years.

Why is this relevant? Why could it be so damaging to Duggar’s defense?

Because lawyers for the father of seven are basing their argument on the possibility that someone else downloaded this material on Josh’s computer; perhaps a co-worker at his used car dealership.

They aren’t arguing that the material doesn’t exist.

They’re simply trying to plant reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors that Duggar was responsible for its presence on the computer.

This would seem like a challenging point to make if the password to the dark Web section of the computer was the same one Duggar has been using since 2014.

Heck, according to records Fottrell found on Duggar’s MacBook, “intel1988” was also used for the Duggar family Instagram account for a period of time.

Elsewhere in his testimony, Fottrell explained how text messages and geolocated images placed Duggar’s cell phone at or near his work computer… at the same time these downloads took place in May 2019.

On Thursday, Fottrell said he found a video titled “Daisy’s Destruction” on Duggar’s computer.

It includes an infant being tortured and was among the “most offensive” he had seen in his career,” Fottrell said on the stand.

The trial, which began on Tuesday, is expected to last a total of five to six days.

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As part of the case against Duggar, the prosecution has shown some of the abhorrent footage discovered on the aforementioned computer’s hard drive.

If convicted of the charges against him, Josh Duggar faces up to 20 years of imprisonment and up to $250,000 in fines on each of the two counts.

He may be sentenced to a total of 40 years behind bars.


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