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Features To Look For In A Customized LMS For Compliance Training


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A learning management system is implemented in organizations for a variety of reasons. Utilizing an LMS to deliver and track compliance training requirements is one of the most popular reasons businesses do so.

Most compliance laws are in place to safeguard us. Either they are designed to protect our physical security and legal rights or are carefully chosen to lengthen the life of our equipment and reduce maintenance and repair expenses. But essential concepts may not be thoroughly covered when these training needs are fulfilled using external resources. Thus, designing your online training content and delivering it using a customized LMS is preferable. 

This article discusses various features of a customized LMS you should consider for compliance training needs. Let’s start!

LMS Customization To Meet Specific Compliance Requirements

There is a lot to consider regarding an LMS and compliance. It must not only provide technical skills, but it must also be favorable to employees receiving the necessary training. 

The challenge is that no two businesses are identical, nor are their compliance requirements. So, it is normal to anticipate that the compliance standards for the financial industry will differ from those for manufacturing and health care.

With the help of LMS customization, you can deliver training specific to your industry and employee competence. 

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What To Look For In A Customized LMS For Compliance Training

  • Flexible Assignment Options

Compliance training will necessitate a great deal of special attention to deadlines, expiration dates, and assessments. You should know the effectiveness of your training content, and you can gauge the same by assessing how an employee performs in the assignment after completing their training. 

Even when considering adopting the # 1 LMS for compliance training, you should still go under the hook and thoroughly examine the assignment choices offered by that tool. Without assessments, you will never know if your compliance training is beneficial for your workforce or not. 

  • Integration with Your HR System

Integration may not be at the top of your priority list, but it is crucial for your compliance training requirements. In general, having a customized LMS interconnected with other software platforms is essential for compliance.

With an HR-system integration, when someone is hired and added to the HR software system, they will be automatically added to your LMS. This allows them to receive fully automated training assignments for their compliance training. The entire automated process helps them save time for both the HR and the new hire. 

  • Automatic Notification To Employees

It’s always beneficial if an LMS can effectively notify staff of important training sessions. This includes alerts of new assignments, reminders of upcoming deadlines, notifications of expired deadlines, future compliance training expiry dates, and more.

Keep an eye on how frequently the notifications are provided. Alters can be sent through the LMS to the employee’s regular work email or as a text message to the employee’s phone. Consider what is best for your workforce and look for an LMS that supports it. Notifications can also be sent at various intervals, increasing in frequency as the deadline and expiration date approaches.

  • Effective Due Date Tracking

Tracking the due date is usually required to establish and enforce compliance training deadlines. This is frequently addressed through the LMS’s assignment capabilities. So, before you start your LMS search, examine your compliance needs and the deadline requirements.

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Consult with the LMS provider and test the LMS to see if it satisfies your needs once you have compiled these use cases and have a firm understanding of the due date management features you require.

  • Easily Update Training Content

The requirements for compliance training evolve with time. So you’ll need to update your compliance training content as well. You shouldn’t update the content just to keep employees from getting bored with the same old thing, but you’ll need to update them when the compliance training needs to change. Using an LMS that enables you to alter pre-existing compliance training materials is the ideal and cost-effective solution.

  • Customizable Organizational Hierarchy

You can build an organizational hierarchy using an LMS and assign employees to different organizational groups. The ability to build your organizational structure by assigning employees to units such as the business segment they work for, the work location, or their job role allows you to give training to all employees and quickly generate reports.

In addition to the organizational hierarchy, you can construct custom groups with an LMS to group employees and allocate specific training to specific groups. For instance, if you do not have specific job titles, but people with particular skills are needed to operate heavy equipment, creating a custom group to allocate compliance training related to the operation will be very useful. You can then run reports to evaluate who has completed that training and whose previously done training has expired.

  • Capability To Import Training Content In A Variety Of Formats

Written materials, multimedia, online training courses, web pages, instructor-led sessions, and even virtual reality are all options for compliance training nowadays.

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You’ll need a customized LMS to collaborate with and use various training delivery techniques to develop the most efficient and engaging compliance training solution possible. 

An LMS may also assist you with managing the instructor-led training that’s included in your compliance programs and assigning and tracking online compliance training.


Compliance is a significant issue that is taken for granted. While managers know that non-compliance can cost thousands of dollars, the employees are unaware of it. They rush through it at the last moment and retain almost nothing. Using a compliance course while using a customized LMS can be beneficial. 

You can update online training content in real-time to stay up with regulatory changes. You can eliminate the last-minute rush by customizing the online course to your specific needs. Finally, you can keep track of your employees’ progress and help them retain, interpret, and apply their compliance knowledge.

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