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Watching Movies While Camping Has Never Been Easier


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Do you love camping but hate being away from your favorite shows and movies? Well, you’re in luck!

Watching movies in movieflixter under the stars while you are away on your camping has discrete fun. But is it fun to watch it on a small mobile or a tablet screen? Why compromise when you have the best mini projectors for camping on the market.

Projectors have come a long way, and the mini projectors for camping are some of the most versatile and portable projectors you can find. Whether you are using a tablet, laptop, or phone to watch your movie, these mini projectors will give you a large, bright screen perfect for watching movies outside.

Most of these mini projectors use LED technology which provides clear and sharp images, even in low light conditions. And with prices starting at around $100, they are affordable for everyone, so if you are looking for a great way to enjoy your movies while camping, be sure to check out the mini projectors available today.

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There are several different mini projectors on the market today, and all of them have unique features. So how do you know which one is right for you?

Factors to consider before buying a mini projector for camping

When choosing a mini projector for camping, here are the few factors one needs to consider:

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First, how bright does the projector need to be? A projector with at least 1,000 lumens is ideal for watching movies on a dark campsite. While you are away camping and wish to watch a movie during the day, a low-lumen projector will not solve the purpose. Consider buying a portable projector with a minimum of 3000 ANSI lumens to project clear images even under lighting conditions.

Input Source

Second, what type of input sources does the projector have? Most mini projectors have an HDMI port so that you can connect them to your laptop or tablet, but some also have USB ports or SD card slots for direct playback. Many mini projectors come with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity to instantly connect with your phone or tablet on camping.


Finally, how portable does the projector need to be? If you’re going to be carrying it around in your backpack all day, you’ll want one that’s small and lightweight. It should be designed in a way to slip away in your bag conveniently. Bulky and oversized projectors are difficult to handle while traveling.

Type of Projector

One thing to consider is the type of projector. There are three main types: LED, DLP, and LCD. LED projectors are the most popular type due to their low price and small size. They also use less power than other projectors, making them a good choice for camping trips. DLP projectors offer high-quality images, but they are usually more extensive and expensive than LED projectors. LCD projectors are the least popular type due to their high price and large size.

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Battery backup

Invest in a worthy projector that comes with lasting battery life to avoid frequent charging during your movie sessions. Most portable projectors come with a battery backup of 3-4 hours. Hence you can watch a movie on a single charge without any interruptions.

After considering some of the crucial factors for a portable mini projector, here are some of our favorite mini projectors for camping:

ViewSonic PJD7820HD

A budgeted 1080p projector comes with DLP technology and the impressive brightness of 3000 lumens (manufacturer claim), making it suitable for business, home, and camping. It is a single-chip DLP projector that comes with essential remote moussing functions. If you are looking for the best projector under $1000, this is your deal!

Optoma UHD38

With its outstanding 4K Ultra HD projection, this bright projector from Optoma ensures sharp picture quality along with a vivid gaming experience. It comes with 4000 lumens brightness to offer superior picture quality outdoors. At the low latency rate of 4.2 ms, this projector is ideal for any gamer to take along on camping.

BenQ GS1

This compact projector’s cute and portable design makes it an excellent deal as a camping projector. It comes with impressive features like automatic vertical keystone correction, Bluetooth, and Wi-fi connectivity. It comes with unique features like campfire settings and starry evenings to cover your typical outdoor scenarios. It has been specifically designed for outdoor use with less than 1 kg.

Anker Nebula Mars 2

With a 4-hour battery life, excellent speakers, and highly portable design, next on our list is Anker Nebula Mars 2. Weighing under 2 kg, it gives 720p output and 300 ANSI lumens to make it the perfect choice for watching movies under the stars. The 2x10w speakers provide impressive audio quality with reasonable sound clarity rated it among the best camping projectors.

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AAXA P300 Neo ultra-portable LED projector

It is an LED-based light source projector suitable for widescreen content and movie watching. This ultra-portable projector is small enough to fit on your palm and comes with a rechargeable battery for up to 2.5 hours. Coming to connectivity, it comes with an HDMI port, AV port, USB thumb drive, audio-video connector cable, and audio out jack.


There’s no need to sacrifice your favourite pastime just because you’re camping. Watching movies while camping can be even more enjoyable than watching them at home. All you need is a reliable projector, and you are all set to make the most on your camping.


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