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From Skype to Zoom Meetings: How this Shift Happens


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The video conferencing industry should have been a huge win for Microsoft. When the pandemic forced offices to send their employees home, Skype should have been the go-to option for businesses to communicate.

However, Skype found itself replaced by an app soon after the lockdown was announced. Also, it isn’t just an ordinary app. It is a new app that is half the age of Skype.

did people prefer Zoom over Skype, which has been the go-to app people use for almost two decades? How did the shift happen?

What Happened To Skype?

After acquiring Skype technologies, Microsoft encountered a lot of major issues.

This occurred when the company wanted to make Skype into a profitable business while keeping it relevant for its users.

Microsoft acquired Skype around the same time as Snapchat and Zoom were founded. These new apps are created to challenge Skype in the video conferencing industry.

These new apps are extremely easy to use. All you need is a camera from telycam and you’re good to go.

Microsoft made a lot of bad choices regarding Skype. First, they got rid of Skype’s popular Windows Live Messenger Service.

Then, another problem that Microsoft encountered is that Skype was based on P2P technology. This began a series of issues, such as security problems.

Furthermore, Microsoft also made Skype the default messaging application for Windows 8. They also made Skype’s web application part of Outlook.

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These decisions were extremely messy. It led to notifications, messages, and calls repeating on devices. This made Skype unreliable.

Competitors started to rise during Microsoft’s transition with Skype. These new apps were providing alternatives that are much better compared to Skype.

Rather than fixing underlying problems, Microsoft was still heavily spending and putting in hype attempting to redesign the app.

This made Skype extremely unreliable because of user experience and security problems.

Why Do People Prefer Zoom?

Video conferencing has become a way of life for personal use and businesses. It isn’t just team meetings for companies. Almost everyone in the world use video to connect.

In the video conferencing industry, Zoom has emerged as the leader. With Zoom, any person with a browser can utilize it.

It was the simplest way to connect when families, teams, and other groups were forced to remotely collaborate with each other.

So why do people and businesses, such as injection overmolding companies, prefer zoom?


During its early days, Zoom faced a major issue where outsiders could join a meeting and disrupt it. Fortunately, the company has since added major security features to protect its users.

These features include:

  • End-to-end encryption of data while it’s in transit between Zoom’s servers and your computer.
  • Alerts that a meeting is recorded so that users can opt-out if they’re concerned about their privacy.
  • A waiting room where the host can see and admit users.

Hosts can also have access to controls and features. This includes:

  • Attendee authentication
  • Block domains
  • Require passwords
  • Changing screen names
  • Chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Meeting Features

  • The meeting features of Zoom keep it ahead of other applications. A couple of the major options include:
    • Breakout rooms
    • Closed captioning
    • Transcriptions of audio content
    • Whiteboard for on-the-fly diagrams
    • Screen sharing by any attendee
    • Breakout rooms that make it easy to switch from smaller sessions to large group meetings
    • Automatic recording for post-meeting note-taking and meeting reviews
    • Emojis that allows users to show their reactions without disrupting the meeting
    • Easy to utilize virtual backgrounds


    You don’t need to be tech-savvy to incorporate Zoom. You can immediately activate the app on Zoom’s cloud using Zoom Meeting Connector.

    This is an extension of the cloud infrastructure of Zoom that your internal network can use.

    Furthermore, Zoom has the ideal video resolution for any video conferencing app. However, there are some limits.

    You get HD resolution with the free version. With paid accounts, you can get up to 1080p video resolution.

    However, the quality of your internet connection greatly affects the quality of the meeting.

    It Is Simple

    Aside from being easy to utilize out of the box, the app has a user-friendly interface that adds to the experience. This includes:

    • Easy screen sharing
    • Chat is incorporated into the screen
    • Video and sound prompts are automatic
    • You can Zoom on any device
    • 1-click to join a meeting

    So, if you’re a business owner and you would like to work with a Levapack can packing machine manufacturer, you can use Zoom for easy online meetings.


  • Zoom is an app that is easy to use. It was able to grow successfully and adapt to the needs of its users. It offers quality without compromising the experience of its users.Meanwhile, the aggressive integration of Microsoft with users failed Skype. It wasn’t able to keep up with the changing times as it was attempting so hard to copy other apps.To make things simple, Skype saw the same fate as Internet Explorer.Nowadays, Zoom has replaced Skype in the same way as Google Chrome replace Internet Explorer.Unfortunately, people should not expect Skype to change down the line.


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