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Geoffrey Paschel: Previous Arrest for Assault in Florida EXPOSED


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In early February, Geoffrey Paschel was sentenced to 18 years in prison following his conviction for assault and kidnapping.

Multiple exes of Geoffrey’s had accused him of similar violence in the past. He also has a lengthy history of arrests.

Before the arrest that finally led to this conviction, however, Geoffrey’s rap sheet included very little violence.

His 2006 arrest, however, stands out among them.

Geoffrey Paschel is sentenced to 18 years in prison

In June of 2019, Geoffrey Paschel attacked, beat, and unlawfully detained his then-fiancee, a fourth grade teacher named Kristen Wilson.

The evidence gathered by law enforcement, from gruesome photographs of her injuries to frightening blood smears in the home, was damning.

However, the courage of Geoffrey’s victim, who not only managed to escape but then testified against him in court, was what ensured his conviction.

Kristen Wilson testifies as Geoffrey Paschel trial

This week, Geoffrey was transferred to where he will hopefully spend the bulk of the next two decades.

He had been detained at the Knoxville County Jail following his conviction last October.

He has now been moved to the Bledsoe County Correctional Complex.

That, of course, is where this new mugshot — one of so many of this particular man — comes from.

Though Geoffrey has been convicted and sentenced, he isn’t done.

On April 14, Geoffrey will appear before a judge who will consider his motion for a new trial.

Geoffrey Paschel listens to the judge accurately describe him

Since even before his one season of Before The 90 Days got underway, Geoffrey’s criminal history has been well known.

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He has worked as a crime reenactor for true crime television, and many have joked that he’s a natural since he has so much real-life experience.

Most of his actual arrests have been over non-violent offenses.

Geoffrey Paschel mugshot

In 2006, Geoffrey was arrested for battery in Florida, following an incident at a bar in Okaloosa County.

There, he allegedly got into a brawl with another man, elbowing him in the facing and bloodying his nose.

When the man tried to leave, Geoffrey reportedly followed him into the parking lot and punched him just above his right eye.

Geoffrey Pashcel mug

Starcasm got a look at the police report, also noting how this stands out among his arrests prior to 2019 due to the violence.

Geoffrey entered an agreement with the prosecution, paying $1,600 to the victim.

Once the restitution was paid via credit union money order and the rest of his obligations fulfilled, the case was dismissed.

Some may ask why Geoffrey was arrested following this violent altercation but not in the wake of accusations of greater brutality.

One of his exes gave birth in a hotel room where he was allegedly holding her captive to ensure that she could not escape him.

At his sentencing, another ex-wife described his abuse, including how he would sabotage her car, and how he even tracked her down to her parents’ house when she tried to leave.

Geoffrey Paschel to the camera

There are a few factors at play that prevent domestic abusers from being arrested.

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The first of which being the psychological hold that many abusers exert upon their victims, deceiving them into blaming themselves (and fearing retaliation).

The second is that, while Kristen Wilson was able to escape in the immediate aftermath of that attack, not everyone’s injuries are fresh when they try to report a crime.

Kristen Wilson injuries photos from Geoffrey Paschel trial

Finally, of course, there is the grim reality that our legal system is sometimes more willing to prosecute violence between strangers than domestic abuse.

Geoffrey is not the architect of generations of flawed legislative and judicial priorities, but he certainly took advantage of them.

One imagines that most of his exes were grateful to get away from him with their lives, based upon their allegations against him. Relatively speaking, that stranger in Florida was lucky.


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