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Geoffrey Paschel Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Kidnapping, Brutal Assault


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In October of 2021, 90 Day Fiance fans celebrated the well-deserved conviction of Geoffrey Paschel.

The notorious scumbag had attacked, brutally beaten, and then held his then-fiancee against her will in June of 2019.

After that, he went on and filmed the show like nothing was wrong, and continued to claim his innocence even after he was convicted.

On Thursday, February 3, the court sentenced Geoffrey to 18 years with no chance of parole — even more time than prosecutors requested.

Geoffrey Paschel sits at his sentencing hearing

It’s not every day that a sitting judge refers to the darkness and “evil” within the convicted man before them.

That said, it’s not every day that Geoffrey Paschel is in court. He just has that effect upon people.

It’s odd but refreshing to hear the court describe Geoffrey’s behavior in the same manner that we here at THG have for more than two years.

Kristen Wilson testifies as Geoffrey Paschel trial

At the sentencing hearing, Kristen Wilson — the woman whose courageous testimony got him convicted — testified again.

This time, she was also permitted to elaborate upon other instances of domestic abuse that did not come up at trial.

Geoffrey has a list of accusers that’s about as long as his list of exes, and that’s no coincidence.

Geoffrey Paschel forced to listen at his sentencing hearing

Another woman to speak at the hearing was one of his ex-wives, Allison Moon.

She testified under oath about multiple horrific moments of physical and sexual abuse.

Moon also recalled how he had sabotaged her car or stolen things from inside of it to prevent her from leaving, and once tracked her down to her parents’ home.

Geoffrey Pashcel mug

Prosecutors also played a recorded conversation in which Geoffrey tried to induce his mother to bring his children to Kristen Wilson’s house.

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The manipulative scumbag’s goal was to pressure her, using his children, to ask for leniency on his behalf.

Judge Kyle Hixson referred directly to how Geoffrey’s attempt to exert influence upon the court was disgusting.

Kristen Wilson injuries photos from Geoffrey Paschel trial

Geoffrey’s aggravated kidnapping conviction comes with a sentencing range of 12 to 20 years when his lengthy criminal history is taken into account.

His defense argued that he should receive the bare minimum — a 12-year sentence.

Meanwhile, prosecutors asked the court for a 16-year sentence, directly at the midpoint of the sentencing guidelines.

Geoffrey Paschel listens to the judge accurately describe him

Geoffrey was permitted to speak to the court.

He could have used this opportunity to confess to his lengthy history of vicious domestic violence, against Kristen and others.

Violent narcissists however have a tendency to believe that they can always talk their way out of things so long as they stick to their self-serving stories.

Geoffrey Paschel to the camera

There were dozens of letters written to the judge, insisting that Geoffrey was a helpful guy, urging the court to not impose a lengthy sentence.

Geoffrey insisted that he was innocent, accusing his victims of lying in court while claiming to wish them well.

He also claimed that he had somehow already rehabilitated himself (if he’s innocent, what does that even mean?) and did not need to go to prison at all.

Honestly? We’re glad that Geoffrey said all of that.

If he had taken a smarter approach — confessing and throwing himself on the mercy of the court — perhaps he would have received a shorter sentence.

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Instead, Judge Kyle Hixson handed down a sentence even longer than the one that prosecutors had requested.

geoffrey paschel flips out

“This behavior towards these women is sick,” the judge said accurately of Geoffrey’s history of abusing his partners.

“It is sadistic,” Judge Hixson noted. “It goes beyond the desire to inflict physical harm on these women. It speaks of a deep psychological issue.”

The court observed: “I think, that Mr. Paschel has a desire to inflict as much emotional damage to these women as possible.”

Judge Hixson went on to characterize exactly what he has seen of Geoffrey.

It did not surprise him that there were letters urging him to choose leniency, because a man like Geoffrey is deeply manipulative.

The court, the judge said, is familiar with exactly this kind of behavior, and how Geoffrey uses his looks, employment, and lies to make people believe him.

Geoffrey Paschel mugshot

This did not work on the jury and it did not work on the judge.

In fact, when it came to Geoffrey’s attempt to enlist his mother and children to manipulate his latest victim, the judge expressed only disgust.

This is a sign of a man willing to do or say anything to avoid a longer sentence. It backfired.

Geoffrey Paschel is sentenced to 18 years in prison

Judge Kyle Hixson sentenced Geoffrey to 18 years in prison with no chance of parole.

He will also serve shorter, concurrent sentences.

Varya was in court to support Geoffrey, declaring that the rain was the result of a “little angel” being “very upset” about the sentence. Whatever.

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