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Gia Giudice: Secretly ENGAGED to Christian Carmichael?!


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A word of warning before we proceed:

If you’ve been watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey since Season 1, then this story is likely to make you feel very, very old.

When we first met Gia Giudice, she was a grade schooler frequently reduced to tears by her parents crappy marriage and the environment of constant hostility it caused.

These days, however, Joe and Teresa Giudice are divorced, and against all odds, Gia has grown into a stable, well-adjusted young woman.

After graduating high school with honors, Gia enrolled at Rutgers University, where she began attending classes in 2019.

Insiders say Gia still has ambitions of making it big in showbiz for now, she’s focused on her studies — and her relationship with Christian Carmichael.

While we don’t know exactly when they began dating, the couple went Instagram official in March of 2021.

And while Gia and Christian appear to be head over heels for each other, meddlesome RHONJ fans have not made life easy for these two.

You may recall the controversy that unfolded back in August when critics slammed Gia for her steamy phone booth PDA with her Christian.

We could understand if their complaint had to do with zoomers pretending to know how to use a phone booth, but it seems they simply thought the pic was inappropriate.

So we’d like to take this opportunity to remind those people that just days from her 21st birthday, Gia is a officially a grown-ass woman who’s free to post an innocuous PDA pic with her boyfriend if she so desires.

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And if those folks thought Gia was growing up too fast before, they’re gonna have a conniption over the rumors that she and Christian are secretly engaged.

Now, to be fair, this report originated on Reddit, where lies are born and the truth goes to die.

It seems to be rooted in the fact that Christian joined Gia in the Bahamas last week, where she celebrated New Year’s and her birthday with her father.

(Joe Giudice was deported after being released from prison in 2019, and he’s still not allowed back in the States.)

The theory is that Joe is such an old-fashioned guy that he wouldn’t have allowed Christian to join Gia on the trip unless the two of them were engaged.

But Gia is Joe’s eldest daughter, so we really don’t know anything with regard to his policy on casual dating.

There had previously been rumors that the Giudice family didn’t aprove of Christian.

Fans noted that Carmichael had never been photographed alongside any of the members of the Giudice clan, and while that’s still the case, it’s safe to assume that Joe and Christian spent at least some time together on this trip.

Sources tell Us Weekly that that the Giudices have never had any issue with Christian.

“Christian is an absolute doll,” one insider recently revealed to the outlet.

The rumors seemed to stem from the fact that Gia went to the prom with Frankie Catania, a longtime fried of the family, and Joe and Teresa were hoping that the two of them would wind up together.

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“The family is just happy that Gia is happy,” the source added.

“I’m not mad at all. As long as she is happy and he treats her right, I am happy for her,” he said during an interview with Page Six after Gia and Christian got together,” Frankie recently weighed in.

“At the end of the day, she’s my friend, and if something was to happen in the future with us — time will tell.”

So there you have it.

There’s no reason to believe that Gia and Christian are engaged.

But it looks as though these two are very much in love.


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