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Graphic Design Predictions to Watch Out For in 2021


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The beginning of a new year or decade often brings new trends, new ideas, and innovative approaches in the ever-evolving graphic design industry. Since we’re on the verge of the new decade (moving from the 2020s to the 2030s), we may see many graphic design trends losing their charm and new trends emerging.

It’s imperative for you as a graphic designer to keep an eye on them. We’ve dived deep into the industry and talked dozens of experienced graphic designers into predicting what design trends are likely to rule 2021 and beyond. Read on this post as we uncover a few top graphic design trends that will help in many logo creation, infographic creation and typography.

Graphic design predictions to watch out for in 2021

  • Open compositions

Do you still remember the traditional framed design? Undoubtedly, those were great designs, but the evolvement of open compositions has exposed some unknown things. Open compositions give a sense of vastness to the creation, leaving the audience to awe what else is there.

What is more fascinating in open compositions is that they give viewers a hallucinational glimpse of an entire world off the picture. These striking designs nudge the viewers’ curiosity with strands, which feels like extending offscreen.
Gradually, the open composition is getting space. And it’s anticipated that in 2021, this graphic design trend will pop. Also, the open composition is likely to be used in web design as it’s suitable for interactive digital experiences.

  • 3D Designs

The flat design is now, after being the design benchmark for years, is now paving the way for 3D design. Although we still see a plethora of great flat design out there, the entry of 3D is bringing a massive wave in the graphic design industry. It has established itself as a persistent trend and is likely to disrupt the graphic design space next year. It is tipped to unfasten infinite possibilities of various aspects of design.

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Also, incorporating 3D design to VR and AR experiences can be path-breaking.

  • Isometric compositions

Isometric design is creative—ideal for visual brand storytelling that includes building an elaborative universe on a small-scale landscape. Using isometric design on your landing pages adds a sense of realism; consequently, growing user engagement.

The most intriguing part of the isometric design is that it clean and simple. Besides, it adds more warmth and tactility to the creations than traditional flat designs. When it comes to the depth of illustration, the isometric design is superior to the flat design.

  • Asymmetric layouts

We can see that grid-based designs are losing dominance in the modern-day graphic design space. Things have changed; now, designers want to design products that are dominated by touches of authenticity. The asymmetrical layouts perform best when they’re used to design deconstructed and unique websites. Whether asymmetric layouts are used in an app, on a website, or in design composition, they nudge the audience’s curiosity.
That’s why they’re perfect on platforms where high visitor engagement is required.

  • Augmented reality

The combination of graphic design and augmented reality is enthralling. It’s expected that AR will grace each stripe of the graphic design space, sooner or later. Therefore, graphic designers should get ready and enjoy the intoxicating path of AR.

The AR has built a solid foothold in the business ecosphere, and we can expect it will unbolt a new space of modern graphic designs in 2021 or even before that.

  • Colorful minimalism

Minimalism was, traditionally, all about creating a combination of white backgrounds and black text. But creators have thoroughly redefined the minimalist designs.

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The modern graphic designers have rejected to confine minimalism to the restriction of the color palette. Alternatively, we see intricate designs combine with a dash of traditional minimalism. Therefore, designers should use futuristic elements, simple gradients, and bold fonts, if they want to nail minimalism. Colorful minimalism, particularly the type that combines simple futuristic patterns and color, is perfect for adding an enticing
element to its logo.

  • Strong typographic focal points

Till recent past, fonts and long typefaces have been the norms in the graphic design industry. Major brands such as Samsung and Adidas have used designs to excellent effect across various marketing campaigns. In these traditional designs, you may notice that the brands have used bold fonts as secondary design elements. However, the way typefaces and bold fonts are used in the design is gradually changing.

Being a graphic designer, you need to be abreast of the latest trend. If you want to create compelling visuals, you should use bold fonts and typefaces as the focal points.

When bold fonts are combined with colorful backgrounds, an eye—catching design is created to grab the audience’s attention even in the crowded hall.

  • Final Thoughts

After going through the points above, you can see that graphic design dynamics are persistently changing — from design layout techniques to visual hierarchy—everything emerging to meet the needs of modern viewers and

If you’re a graphic design professional, you should always be ready to learn new techniques to keep up with the pace of modern design trends. Even if you’re a business owner and want to create a logo on your own by using Designhill logo maker , you need to know the latest trends and techniques to build an eye-catching logo.

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