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Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Amelia and Addison Drop Major Bombshells!


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Amelia and Addison were once best friends on Private Practice, and Thursday’s new episode of Grey’s Anatomy found them confronting the past with some significant revelations.

Addison’s return to Grey Sloan came as a huge surprise to man, and when we picked up on this new episode, she was trying to save her uterine transplant patient.

Addison knew there was something amiss with Amelia after she declined to marry Link, leading Amelia to confide in her friend.

She said that she felt Link was gaslighting her by asking to marry her at Maggie’s wedding.

Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do is put a dampener on anyone’s wedding day, so Amelia brought up a great point, we think.

Addison, however, knew there must have been some deeply rooted issues in the relationship for Amelia still not to have accepted the proposal.

“I knew for months I didn’t want what he wanted,” Amelia revealed, telling Addison that she thought about doing drugs every single day during the pandemic.

Amelia was under tremendous stress looking after her newborn, Meredith’s kids, while she was hospitalized and trying to understand what it looked like to have a family.

Link had no struggles during the pandemic, and Amelia feels like he smothered her with it.

Later in the episode, Addison confided in her pal that there was a point during the pandemic she was drinking alcohol every single day.

More concerning, she thought about going to sleep and never waking up again, and that she thought about leaving Jake and Henry.

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It was a moment of raw emotion between the two friends, and they both may not be out of the woods yet.

Addison was vocal about her friend not making a mistake.

“I hated the life that he loved,” Amelia shared, noting that she did the right thing by letting him go.

Addison’s return appears to have concluded … for now. Her patient managed to bounce back, leading to a moment of victory for her.

I think we can collectively agree that the show needs to bring Kate Walsh back as a series regular. These two episodes were the best in years.

Meanwhile, Owen continued to help out fellow veterans by attending a support group with Noah.

Roy, the man leading the meeting, collapsed, and Winston and Owen revealed he had early-stage lung cancer.

They tried to operate, but the man died on the table because his lungs were so weak.

Noah, clearly upset, went off on Owen, saying that the whole thing was his fault.

Owen is about to head down a dark path, and it’s going to be tough for him to bounce back.

Then there was Weber, who returned to his job as residency director with some big changes.

He wanted all the Residents to perform surgery, and not everyone was amused by his plan.

We couldn’t talk about an episode of Grey’s without talking about Meredith Grey.

She headed to Minnesota and bumped into Nick, and, well, the sparks were flying.

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They agreed to meet for dinner later that day, further fueling the fire that Meredith is headed to Minnesota full-time.

Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursdays 9 p.m.


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