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Therapeutic Effects of Video Games: Connection Between Mind, Controller and Translation


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The revolution in technology contributes to the popularity of video games. And it was way in the past when people thought that video games were just for recreation. Today, the whole perception of video games has changed and when we say changed it means positively changed. And not to forget, the credit goes to video game translation services for making it easy for multilingual audiences.

So we can conclude that video games provide game players with curative benefits. This is why we say that there is a direct connection between the human mind, the controller which is of course games, and translation as in game translation. This read discusses all about video games and how they have an effect on young minds. Other than that, we also discuss how these games let mental patients feel in control.

Worldwide Success of Video Games

The latest technology is the reason that developers are developing games that enhance the gaming experience. There are multiple games that provide us with the best-ever experience. Today, the gaming industry is one of the most high revenue generating industries in the global market. In 2020, the gaming market generated more than $159.3 billion in revenue. Last year, in 2023, the revenue was more than $365.6 billion where 105.9 billion came from China alone. Yes, you are right, it is China that contributes the most to the gaming industry.

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One other reason behind the worldwide success of video games is that this industry integrates the services of a professional translation company. With the help of translation, it becomes easy for all individuals to play games as they can understand controls, context, and everything.

Video Games and Mental Health

Video games have a direct impact on individuals’ mental as well as physical health. However, it is the mental health effects that we get to see the most. There is no doubt in the statement that video games do have therapeutic and curative effects on individuals. There is a very common perception about gamers that they are quite aggressive. That is not the true case for all of the professional gamers out there. Some players are naturally aggressive and sometimes the games that they play trigger something in them that leads them towards aggression. In that case, it is best for these players to take a break from gaming and work on their mental health first.

Games like Sparx, The Legend of Zelda, SuperBetter, Game Age, and others are famous for their therapeutic effects on individuals. You won’t believe it, but games help mental health patients get a grasp of their life. Game translation services are also very helpful for the use of games for mental health patients.

Use of Video Games for Mental Health Patients

There are literally therapeutic gaming specialists that help mental health patients indulge in games for their better health. With the help of video games, these gaming specialists help patients cope with stress and tension. One more benefit of these games is that patients don’t suffer from boredom staying in mental hospitals and asylums. It becomes a healing as well as a fun activity for them.

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These specialists devise plans for their patients and after that allow them to play specific games. These games contribute to making patients feel relaxed as well as more in control.

What Does Translation Have to Do With Video Games?

Gaming translation makes it easy for individuals to understand games and learn about their control. By seeking help from a professional translation company, therapeutic gaming specialists collaborate with doctors to find games that best match the temperament and mental condition of patients. These games then help in the healing process. So why not get better by playing video games instead of taking high potency medicines?

This therapeutic effect of games is another reason behind the production and development of new games. Even doctors are collaborating with gaming industries to come up with games that serve the purpose of both recreation and gaining better health.

The Connection Between Mind, Controller and Translation

At this point, we know that the connection between games, the human mind, and translation is too real. Translation makes it easy to understand what players are indulging in. It is a part of the umbrella term, localization. Localization accounts for the cultural, linguistic, and functional adaptation of the games according to the demands of the target audience.

Games that go for localization and translation are the ones that stay longer in the gaming market. Because if your game doesn’t serve the purpose of satisfying the audience, gamers tend to lose interest in it. This is why the connection between games, the human mind, and translation is so important.

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Last Words!

To sum up, yes video games have therapeutic effects. It is these effects that mental health patients are allowed to play such games as a part of their treatment. With the addition of translation, games are adapted for the required audience, which makes them stay longer in the gaming market among the swarm of other games.

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