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How industries can use biometrics to evolve


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Biometric technologies have garnered a lot of interest across multiple business sectors in recent years. As the industry grows at a rapid pace and is set to surpass $82.9bn by 2027, there has never been a better time for companies around the globe to evolve with revolutionary tech capabilities. 

The integration of biometrics can enhance several business processes, but only if companies invest in the right biometric scanners and collect the right types of biometric data. Here are six areas where it can take businesses to the next level.

Biometric Scanning For Security

Security is easily the most frequently used function of biometric scanning, especially for SMEs, and can be incorporated into virtually any workplace setting. Door access readers take access authorization to the next level. They do this by scanning fingerprints and/or other biometric data to confirm a user has the credentials to enter a building or room. 

While keys, fobs, and keycards could be stolen, biometric data is unique to the individual. So, the addition of biometric access readers instantly stamps out the threat of unauthorized entry. Moreover, it is the fastest and most convenient way for authorized people to enter the building, not least because it rules out the risk of them leaving entry cards at home. Perfect. 

Biometric Scanning For Payments & Travel

Like many technologies, biometrics are often integrated with the consumer experience in mind. Speed and convenience are two of the most sought-after aspects by modern customers. Biometric scanning can provide this in several ways. Firstly, fingerprint scanning allows users to make instant payments to any business that has a smartphone card reader.

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The instant authorization from the bank adds speed and removes the need to carry cash, allowing businesses to provide a streamlined transaction. Meanwhile, facial recognition biometric scanning has enabled airlines to remove the need for boarding passes, creating a more efficient and stress-free experience for passengers. It’s also incredibly accurate.

Biometric Scanning For Customer Support 

Facial recognition isn’t the only type of biometric scanning that can be used by businesses. AI-powered voice recognition technologies can now be used to identify a customer within the first sentence of speaking. This has been used by banks to remove the need for security questions, thus allowing users to get the answers they need far sooner. 

In addition to providing a smoother experience for the customer, it introduces an extra layer of protection and security. While the banking industry is one of the chief beneficiaries, any business where customers have accounts holding potentially sensitive data could introduce biometrics in this way to upgrade their approach to client care. 

Biometric Scanning For Health & Fitness

We now live in a world dominated by big data, and organizations across multiple industries use it to deliver personalized experiences. The health and fitness industry, however, is one that taps into biometric data better than most. Smartwatches and other wearables can be used to record and analyze various biometrics, which subsequently creates a unique UX.

Biometrics regarding a person’s height, weight, and activity levels provide priceless data. From tracking how many calories a person needs to eat to working out their fitness age and VO2 max, the possibilities are endless. Elsewhere, manufacturers of sports clothing can use biomechanical data to help design better footwear depending on the user’s movements.

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Biometric Scanning For HR

The HR industry is all about people and data. Naturally, then, biometrics continue to be used in this sector at an increasing scale. Using biometric scanning for on-site employees makes it very easy to complete time and attendance management duties. Advanced tools even introduce push notifications to identify and treat any issues within this environment.

It is another use of biometrics that can support businesses across multiple industries and companies of all sizes. For HR teams, it provides accurate data that consequently removes the chance for employees to dispute concerns. By promoting time and money savings, as well as optimal convenience, it is capable of transforming business operations forever. 

Biometric Scanning For Healthcare

Biometrics is transforming the healthcare sector, and not only for some of the reasons mentioned above. Telemedicine equipment and wearables can collect biometrics to facilitate patient monitoring through the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). It is ideal for ongoing care that does not take place at the medical facility and gives doctors far clearer insights.

Biometric technologies additionally transform clinical trials and research by ensuring that only qualified participants are included while also reducing data discrepancies between participating institutions. Crucially, it happens without compromising patient confidentiality or privacy, thus making it one of the biggest breakthroughs in recent times.

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