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How long will a fiberglass pool last?


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Buying a swimming pool for your house is a significant choice, so you want to be sure that the pool you choose will not only be stress-free to maintain but will also last for many years to come. How long does an in-ground pool last? Is it a commonly requested topic at Barrier Reef Pools?

Different pools have different life expectancies

There are a few pool alternatives on the market in Australia, and their lifetimes vary. Vinyl liner pools are often the least expensive to install initially, but they lack longevity. They need more care than others since the vinyl lining normally only lasts around 10 years before it has to be replaced. A concrete pool is another option to consider when purchasing a pool.

Concrete pools are unquestionably more durable than vinyl liner pools, yet many need resurfacing. The expense of refinishing a concrete pool. They frequently need extra maintenance and chemicals to keep them clean. Concrete pools are porous, which makes them prone to algae and germs, resulting in a higher power and chemical costs. Concrete is also significantly colder and takes longer and more energy to heat. Fiberglass pools insulate naturally and heat up faster than concrete pools, saving money on electricity.

When you buy a high-quality fiberglass pool in Canberra, you can expect it to survive for more than 30 years. They do not need replacement or resurfacing, unlike vinyl and concrete. You can expect a Barrier Reef Pools fiberglass pool to last a lifetime; in fact, they always come with a lifetime internal, structural, and osmosis warranty!

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How is your fiberglass pool made?

Not all fiberglass pools are created equal. The materials used and the craftsmanship of the manufacturing firm determine the quality of your fiberglass pool. It’s a good idea to deal with a firm that includes a guarantee with their fiberglass pool shells. In state-of-the-art climate-controlled production facilities, Barrier Reef Pools exclusively uses the best quality materials. Our pool shells are manufactured under stringent quality assurance procedures and satisfy not just Australian, but also global requirements for durability and strength.

How to maintain your fiberglass pool?

Pools, as we all know, are filled with water with a sanitizing solution such as chlorine or salt. They are exposed to the elements and spend most of the day in direct sunlight. If a pool, regardless of kind, is neglected, the surface may deteriorate and issues may occur. One of the easiest methods to prolong the life of your pool is to keep it clean and filtered. You do not, however, want to overload your pool with harsh, potent chemicals. This may cause the protective covering on certain pools to deteriorate, reducing their lifetime significantly. Pools in the capital country pools are the simplest pools on the market to maintain; they can be properly cared for without a lot of work from the homeowner and will last for many years. Our fiberglass pools’ surfaces are nearly non-porous, stain and chemical resistant, making them simpler to regulate against germs and algae, resulting in less money and time spent cleaning them.

Overall, the manufacturer, installation, and pool owner all contribute to the pool’s longevity. Purchasing a high-quality new fibreglass pool in Canberra, having it constructed by a qualified contractor, and properly maintaining it will all help to prolong the life of your pool.

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