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What kind of injuries can an unsafe premise result in?


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Premises liability – it is something most people are not aware of but end up getting injured due to one. Premises liability is when you are injured on someone’s private property because they failed to provide you with a safe environment. There are many types of injuries an unsafe premises can lead to and sometimes these injuries also become fatal. But what to do after you are injured at someone’s place? Well, primarily you should seek medical treatment and inform your attorney about the incident. The DDRB Lawyers will help determine if you have a case and get you the compensation that will help you recover. So let us read what injuries can premises liability cause:

Slip-and-fall accident

The most common type of premises liability accident that was reported is a slip-and-fall accident. This accident can occur due to a broken or uneven staircase, wet or flaky floors, obstruction on the floor like folded or rippled carpet, dim or poorly lit walkways, cracked floors, and more. These accidents can primarily cause back and head injuries or bone fractures.

Dog Bite

Another common type of injury that occurs is dog bites. It is the responsibility of a dog owner or any pet owner to keep their pets safely and away from their guests. As not everyone is comfortable staying around pets and their fear of fidgeting nature can cause the dog to bite. 

Electric Current

Being electrocuted is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Faulty appliances or electric devices such as switchboards, or open wiring can result in people getting an electric shock if they are in contact with it. And these accidents can become dangerous in a fraction of a second.

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Building code violations

Some other types of injuries that can happen are due to broken or damaged handrails, ceiling collapsing, security issues like theft, and broken or malfunctioning elevators. These building code violations can cause severe injuries or damage to people visiting the premises. 

When a property owner invites people to their property they should ensure that everything is in place and there is nothing hazardous that can cause any damage. As a visitor, you should be extra cautious at other’s property and prevent getting into trouble. But unfortunately, accidents can occur anytime and knock on your door when you least expect them. If you have sustained injuries at someone’s premises to a harmful or unsafe environment, you can hold the property owner liable for the cause and file a lawsuit to seek appropriate compensation.

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