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How Security Guards Use Technology in the 21st Century?


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Security is an industry that is rapidly and continuously evolving. Many security companies are constantly searching for ways to serve their customers better. In that process, many kinds of security have come into play. There’s mobile patrolling, asset protection, personal security, stationary security guards, etc. 

Each of these security types involves different responsibilities and duties. However, there is one common ground for all, which is technology. All security personnel use technology to provide the best security possible for their clients. 

We discuss 5 of those technologies that security guards in Melbourne rely on in this blog post. In fact, technology has become the backbone of every security programme and policy. 

1. Facial Recognition Systems

Previously, facial recognition was exclusive to top-level security. Only multi-million companies could avail of this facility. But it has become so common today that even an ordinary smartphone comes with its own facial recognition feature.  

So, security guards in Melbourne have started using facial recognition systems extensively for their clients to ensure better protection. Within no time, this technology will further see a surge in its use in most workplaces and neighbourhoods. 

In fact, security experts have predicted that facial recognition will soon replace fingerprints and keycards to safeguard restricted areas. 

2. Security Applications

Nowadays, we see an app for everything from shopping to document sharing. The same phenomenon extends to security as well. Security companies are investing in apps to streamline their operations. 

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You should note that these applications are not what you download from a virtual app store. They are custom-made apps developed specifically for companies. These apps enable security staff to guard, monitor, report and track any suspicious activity.

On top of it all, one app speeds up the entire communication channel, which is especially crucial in emergencies. The app even makes it easy to stream security camera footage on the guard’s smartphone whenever needed. 

In a nutshell, the ease of having an app at your fingertips is on the next level. 

3. Audio Sensors

Surveillance camera footage gives you the visuals but not the audio. However, the audio can be crucial during the investigation of a case. So, security guards in Melbourne use audio sensors to integrate audio with video, which provides a complete picture of a scene. 

These audio sensors are different from the mics you have on your phone or laptop. Security companies get these manufactured specially with the ability to pick up particular sound patterns. Some audio sensors even trigger video recording as soon as a specific sound is detected. 

For instance, an audio sensor may alert you when a glass breaks or gun fires. It is an exceptional addition to one’s security system, especially if their business is in a high-crime area. 

4. Motion Detectors

In the security sector, motion detectors are not a new invention. Yet, more creative motion detectors have entered the market in recent years. 

Radar and sound detection technologies are the most popular and innovative motion detectors. They are expensive so home security firms adopt radar motion detectors less frequently. However, these motion detectors work well to protect expensive goods. 

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They provide accurate and reliable motion detection using electromagnetism. Therefore, small animals and swaying branches won’t, activate the motion-detecting systems. These systems also provide complete details regarding the objects they find. 

Security cameras and motion detectors function best together. They unquestionably perform better than security dogs.

5. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics might sound like it belongs in a statistics research lab. However, security systems are far smarter and more precise thanks to machine learning and predictive analytics.

They are two essential elements of artificial intelligence—a specialised technology that makes an effort to imitate human intelligence. These technologies are for high-level security systems in places like government buildings and airports. 

Note that they don’t belong in a simple house. 

Here are a few examples of how predictive analytics and machine learning are useful in the field of security: 

  • Prediction of behaviour 
  • Suppression of false alarms 
  • Increasing crime “clearing” rates quickly 
  • Tracking illegal activity patterns

6. Cloud Software 

The popularity of cloud services has increased significantly during the past several years. These services have a lot to offer security firms. They have provided businesses an excellent opportunity to increase responsibility and transparency with their customers. 

Businesses can upload anything, including staff check-ins and security recordings. Thanks to cloud services, businesses can share any key information with their staff and customers with ease and confidentiality.

Bonus: Common Security Practices

The above 6 technologies are relatively new and less commonly used. However, there are other things that security guards in Melbourne and everywhere around the world use as a common practice. 

  1. CCTV Cameras: Surveillance cameras monitor and record activities in and around a property. Security guards can access these cameras remotely, allowing them to keep an eye on the property even when they are not physically present.
  2. Access Control: Electronic access control systems can be useful to restrict access to specific areas of a property. Security guards use these systems to monitor who enters and exits the property, ensuring that only authorised personnel have access.
  3. Drones: Drones have become increasingly popular for security purposes, particularly in large areas such as industrial sites, military bases, and borders. They help monitor and survey areas that may be difficult or dangerous for security guards to access.
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Final Thoughts

Technology has made the job of security guards more efficient and effective. It helps reduce the risk of human error and increases the speed of response in emergencies.

Finally, one needs a good security partner for a well-programmed security system. A professional can tell you more ways to protect your property and people. 

One of the best recommendations is Aligned Security Force. You will benefit much from their experience and expertise. 

Feel free to comment if you have further questions. Check out NHN group if you are interested in security services.

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