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Taking Care of Your Driveway in the Summer


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Most of us assume that our outdoor spaces suffer the most in cold weather. While it’s true that cold temperatures, icy conditions, and other inclement weather can take their toll on our gardens and driveways, summer weather and hotter temperatures can also bring challenges. Taking time to protect and care for your drive in the summer can help it look great, improve your kerb appeal, prevent accidents and make it easier to care for in the wintertime. Here are some essential ways to care for your drive in the summertime. 

Remove Weeds 

In spring and summer, weeds that have been dormant all winter suddenly start to pop up. If left to grow, they can quickly take over and spread, and before you know it, they are out of control, and your once well-kempt driveway is an overgrown mess. Try to treat weeds early in the season and repeat if needed, but it’s not too late if you are heading into summer with weeds growing between cracks and in spaces. You can successfully treat and remove them while they are still in an active growth phase, which is usually up until autumn. 

You might also find that moss starts regrowing in summer, especially if you have a paved driveway with many gaps. You can treat this too, but one of the best ways to remove it is to scrape it out using a thin brush or moss removal tool. 

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Make Sure it’s Sealed

In winter, cold water gets trapped in cracks. It freezes in cold weather, which causes it to expand and can lead to bigger cracks in your drive. You might not have to worry about freezing temperatures in the winter, but materials can also expand in very hot weather. Applying a waterproof sealant can help prevent these cracks and protect your driveway, and it’s much easier to seal in the summer than in wetter seasons. Get help from someone specialising in landscaping and driveways Solihull for a professional and long-lasting job. 

Change Your Parking Position

Most of us typically park in precisely the same spot when we can. This means that we’re always putting pressure on the same spots and that our drives are going to age unevenly. To reduce damage and delay the signs of ageing, try to vary your parking position. In a smaller drive, even parking slightly to the side a few days a week can make a big difference in the long term. 

Cool it Down

Being hot for long periods can cause materials to expand, leading to large fissures and cracks. It can also cause damage to your vehicle. If there’s a heatwave forecast, using a sprinkler can help to cool your drive down. Adding tall fences or large shrubs and trees can create shade, keeping it cool now and in the future and reducing the need to use excess water. This is especially crucial if your driveway is made from asphalt or concrete. 

Taking care of your driveway in summer helps it to stay looking its best all year around. It can also be much easier to give it some TLC when the weather is good, and you aren’t contending with rain and ice when trying to make your improvements.

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