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How should I write a leave application for the office


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In the life of every worker, sometimes there are such moments when you need to take some time off from work. There are various reasons for this, and if you already have experience in working anywhere, you know about it. But just leaving work for a couple of days, or even if you only need to go away for a day or two, for this you must write a special application and coordinate your short leave with the employer. This is especially true for long-term care due to illness, or vacation, or any other reason or circumstance that may arise in the life of each person. Employers understand this, and if you have adequate bosses, they will easily give you time to get things in order.

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Why can’t I go on vacation without asking permission from my employer?

Each certain case depends on the enactments and rules of the company in which you work. So it’s customary that if you have the plan to go on vacation or take a short break from work, you should definitely contact your employer and request approbation to do so. The need for such a rule is quite closely related to the fact that the employer needs a certain amount of time to prepare all the staff for your temporary absence, find you a temporary replacement, or distribute tasks that you usually perform among other employees. This is necessary since you probably understand that each employee does a certain job, and if someone’s not there, everything that this member of the workforce doesn’t do must be done by someone.

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If you decide to go on vacation without permission (which is highly undesirable), this may be considered a fairly gross violation of the employment contract and may lead to some penalties against you if this is considered a very serious violation in your workplace, you may even face the loss of a job or other major legal problems. In addition, in some countries of the world, there’s a practice of paying vacation wages to employees, that is, the employee’s monetary support for the vacation period. And in order to get it, you also need to formalize your departure for a break. This is not practiced in all countries, and most often the behavior of each company in such a situation will be individual. If you’re very worried about this issue, do not forget to ask about it at the interview.

What to write in a leave requisition for the office?

In order to competently write this letter, you’re required to follow some plan that you can write for yourself individually, or use the ones below. If you have a specific form in your workplace for creating such documents, you should use it. But the example below follows the generally accepted norms, so you can use it as well.


Like any other letter or appeal, this document should begin with a greeting from the person to whom it’s addressed, and this applies to any type of written appeal, whether it is a regular letter or a vacation request.

Dear [Name of your superintendent],

Let the boss know that you would like to take a vacation.

It’s worth starting the appeal itself from the very essence of your letter, this is taking a vacation or a short day off. List the dates you plan to be off work, and make sure that the dates you plan to go on vacation don’t contain any important events that you absolutely need to attend, or that you’re not going on vacation in the midst of filing reports that you should do.

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I would like to notify you that I plan to take a vacation from [vacation start date] to [vacation end date]. I checked the schedule of all important events and the company’s vacation policy and made sure that my vacation would not interfere with the work of the company in any way.

Explain in a letter why you are going on vacation

In this part of your appeal, try to clearly and briefly explain why you need to take a vacation. It can be any of your reasons, whether it’s a vacation to look after a relative who is ill, a desire to rest, or illness. But when writing, try to make it clear why you’re leaving.

I would like to take a vacation to spend more time with my family who is planning to visit me. I also need rest and the opportunity to take a break from work for a while so that I can return to work with renewed vigor and a fresh head.

Convincingly prove that your slight absenteeism will not affect the work

Explain that your holiday won’t affect the progress of the work for which you are responsible. In order for your department not to suffer in the quality of work because of you, obviously you’ll need to work a little to get the work done before you leave. Therefore, when writing an appeal to the boss, don’t forget to write about the fact that you’ve already organized the work in your absence.

Thus far I’ve already made a list of tasks that I definitely need to complete before my vacation, and I am working on completing all the necessary things before my vacation. I am also convinced that my colleagues will be able to cope with any unforeseen situations that may arise in my absence, and I have warned them about this. I will also be obtainable to contact you by email or mobile phone if there are any urgent questions or issues that require my direct intervention.

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Thank the reader

Thank your boss for the time to resolve this issue, and also make sure that your feedback leaves him only a positive impression.

I am appreciative of the time you have given me in resolving this issue, as well as for your understanding and support in this important issue for me. I am sure that my leave will not harm the working process in this company, and when I return to work, I will be ready for new tasks.

Sign the letter

Sign the letter and be sure to put in your full name and position, as the boss must understand who is addressing him.


[Your full name]

[Your position]

Check your email before sending

Before you send a letter to the recipients, make sure that it doesn’t contain grammatical and stylistic errors and also clearly expresses your desire to take a vacation, and reveals why you need it right now. Also don’t forget to check the correctness of the dates you specified. After you send the letter, make sure that your boss and colleagues who are supposed to receive your appeal receive a copy of the letter.

As you could already understand, writing this appeal is actually quite simple, you just need to follow the instructions that are written above or the one that is acceptable at your job. Without this permission, you cannot go on vacation, so when writing this appeal, try to write as clearly and convincingly as possible, as the boss can refuse your request for vacation, and he has the right to do so. But most often everything goes well, and the employee can easily go on a well-deserved temporary rest.

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