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According to the 2022 Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey, only 52% of executives outsource business functions opposed to 76% of executives who outsource IT functions. Sales are the least likely category for companies to entrust to a third party, with only 35% of companies willing to do so. 

While there are several reasons for making this choice, one unexpected one caught our eye. Executives find it easy to opt for support outsourcing, like live chat support. For examples of this type of customer support, please see It makes sense to outsource support to improve customer satisfaction, so why not sales as well? 

The answer is surprising. It is that many companies battle to balance outsourcing with consultant retention. They recognize that their sales team is a valuable asset and so are unwilling to upset the team by hiring an external provider. 

This represents a shift in the current BPO model. Clients are seeking more value for money rather than simple cost-cutting. Forward-thinking vendors are providing that by offering services such as proactive support. 

It is in proactive support that we might see a solution to the dilemma of cutting costs vs. employee retention

How Proactive Service Could Be the Best of Both Worlds

To be an industry leader, companies must produce innovative products that the market needs and deliver them flawlessly. Or, at the very least, deliver outstanding service. Sales teams that excel are the ones that build ongoing relationships with clients through aftercare. 

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For many years, a leading complaint amongst clients is that businesses only contact them when they want to sell them something. Over the last few years, we’ve seen industry leaders begin to shift this paradigm using proactive service. 

What is Proactive Service? 

Proactive service entails reaching out to the client to solve an issue before they realize they need help. It’s a quick call to check how they are managing with their new software or product. It’s calling them to alert them of other useful features they may require. 

Most companies have a reactive service policy instead. In other words, they wait for the client to reach out to them when there is an issue. Both models are valid, but proactive service is more likely to improve satisfaction and client retention. 

The Difference Between Proactive and Reactive Service

For example, your company develops an app to track income and expenses. Your client may require a monthly email as a visual representation of their budget. If your clients need help working out how to access this feature, they may look for another app that is more user-friendly. 

However, if you use data analytics to identify clients who use only a small portion of the available features, you can reach out to them. A simple courtesy call may be all it takes to start the conversation and explain how all the features work. 

That client will then feel more comfortable with the app and get better use out of it. They are more likely to continue to use it. 

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How Can Proactive Service Solve the Outsourcing/Talent Retention Dilemma? 

While your sales team may be able to make one or two follow-up phone calls to clients, they need time to focus on new acquisitions. Outsourcing can fill the gap by providing proactive service that can improve retention. 

Sales teams will be better able to focus on their primary roles without feeling threatened. Their productivity should improve due to increased satisfaction and focus. 


Balancing the need to cut costs and retain talent need not be an either-or equation. Companies can save money by outsourcing some sales functions to BPOs. The careful reallocation of roles allows companies, customers, and employees to benefit through proactive client support. 


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