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SMS Verification Bypass Without Phone Number In 2023


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Mobile phone number verification with an appropriate one-time password is commonplace on many websites and apps. Sometimes users are even forced to go through this process during registration. It is not a big issue when there are some other options to sign up for an account. But if there are none, being unavailable or not having the willingness to use a personal mobile number for this purpose might cause many difficulties. You can easily get around this by using a virtual number for SMS if you are among those who don’t like this verification feature.

Functioning principle of virtual numbers

Virtual phone numbers might seem difficult to use for those who are going to work with them for the first time. There is often an opinion that using this feature takes having a degree in computing science or software development. But it is not even close to being the truth. Using virtual numbers has nothing to do with that.

Basically, numbers of this kind are just phone numbers that belong to real SIM cards. They are the same in this sense. But there is a difference too. Even though virtual phone numbers have the same amount of digits as well as dialing codes and operate on the same network as regular ones, they can be used only over the internet. You need to visit the appropriate online service for this. It is definitely more convenient and cheaper as there is no need to purchase a SIM card as well as to go anywhere. Everything happens on the web.

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Where to get a virtual phone number?

There are a lot of platforms making it possible. Compared to previous years, nowadays getting a virtual number is not difficult at all. You can choose between tens of different websites and apps which offer different solutions. For example, some platforms provide virtual phone numbers only from certain regions while others target all countries. Looking for a universal platform with affordable prices? Then take a look at SMS-Man.

This platform makes it possible to get virtual numbers in any country. Moreover, there are over 1000 supported websites and apps. You can use their solutions to bypass verification via SMS on all the popular services on the internet like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are suitable tools for every task. Let’s see how to use this platform for the intended purpose.

How to bypass SMS verification with a virtual number?

First of all, it is necessary to get a virtual phone number. Using it is way easier than getting it even though there is nothing difficult about the second part too. Here is what to do:

  1. Register a personal account on by completing a small registration form.
  2. Choose which country the virtual number should come from on the start page.
  3. On the same page search for the website or app, it should work with.
  4. Check the price and refill your balance with the needed amount of funds using one of the payment methods available on the payment tab.
  5. Get back to the homepage and repeat the previous steps.
  6. Press the “Get SMS” button.
  7. Get an ordered virtual phone number.
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It will automatically appear at top of the main page. You can also find it on your personal profile page. Just copy it and proceed to SMS verification on the selected online service.

Using a virtual number takes literally a few minutes. The first thing is to put it on the verification form when the service asks for it. It can be done during whether registration or verification stage. There is no difference. The main thing is if it is about providing and confirming the mobile phone number. When done, request sending a one-time password to this number. You are almost there. Now just receive that verification code on the platform used to get a virtual phone number and finish verification with it.

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