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How To Care For Your Diamond Earrings


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Keeping your diamond earings nz clean throughout the week is a difficult task to get the shine back. But, we have something special hacks for you in order to get the dazzling diamond back in town. Using diamonds regularly and going directly in the sunshine can damage the quality of your rings. It can vary from area to area how sharp the sunlight in coming to you. Therefore, whenever you are going out for a walk, you should keep your diamond in your bag. Moreover, keep a mini storage box to keep the diamond safe.

1. Warm Water

Add a warm water to a bowl. The bowl should not be the material of plastic. You should use a steel bowl that maintains the temperature and structure of the ring. The surface of a bowl should be flat enough to see the soaking diamond ring from above. Otherwise, your diamond ring would barely take time to get in your hand. Make sure the warm water should not exceed the highest temperature. More than the limited temperature, your ring can get resolved in it. After focusing on all points, you should place the diamond ring in warm water and wait for a few seconds.

2. Washing Liquid Or Soap

Now, you should mix the warm water with the regular washing liquid or soap. Dissolve them to get bubbles in them. Make sure that the used liquid soap should be of no fragrance. Whenever you wash a diamond with fragrance-based soap, it damages the color of the diamond. It can also take away the shine of your ring. Therefore, the liquid should be added with no fragrance. More often than not, the most important thing that needs your attention is the selection of liquid soap based on chemicals. The inserted chemicals should be cruelty-free. Soak the ring for about half an hour. You can also mix them after every ten minutes. It can help the solution speed up the process.

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3. Rinse The Water

After 30 minutes, it is time to rinse the remaining bowls of water with the help of a strainer. Sometimes, people rinse their rings too with an unconscious mind. Therefore, keep a strainer of the exact size of your bowl. Now, rinse the water from it and the strainer will hold the ring in it. Now, you can safely keep your ring in a storage box. Before storing it, you should pat dry your ring with a clean towel. 

4. Leftover Residue

Diamond rings that are not cleaned for a year should use a tool to clean the leftover residue. The leftover residue is hard to remove it. Therefore, buy specific tools having a brush on their upper side. More often than not, if you are looking for a budget-friendly tool, take a child’s toothbrush and clean it with it. It will remove all the remaining residue within five minutes. You should use the brush gently way to keep the quality alive.

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