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How to Create a PDF Book in MS Publisher


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If you are someone who has completed your book and wants to self-publish it online, you can do so with the help of a computer publisher such as MS Publisher. This type of software gives authors the ability to instantly self-publish PDF eBooks from their own home computers, and even upload them to their website or sell them online through e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. 

MS Publisher is one of the most recognized and trusted programs do e-publication out there, and this is a step-by-step guide on how to make an eBook in MS Publisher and convert it to PDF.

Step 1: Prepare to convert your manuscript to PDF

The first step to digital publishing or printing is to go from good old MS Word to a PDF document. While you can choose a different XPS file format, PDF is the most recognized “read-only” file format across all publishing platforms, whether on websites, Kindle, or when printing. PDF will handle all metadata, graphics and page layouts as is when printed or read on different devices. 

To prepare for publication, simply save it as an MS Word document on your computer. Although you can do the final proofreading and formatting of your book, with fonts, graphics, table of contents and all, in MS Publisher. It’s a matter of choosing where you want the final proofreading of your manuscript. 

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Step 2: Open your file in MS Publisher

Start MS Publisher, in the main window select “File“, then “Export“, and finally Create PDF/XPS. This will open a window showing the file folders, select the MS Word document you saved earlier by double clicking on it and the file will be transferred to the MS Publisher environment. Now go to “Save As” and save your MS Publisher file as a PDF.

Step 3: Final configuration of the PDF to be ready for publishing

After saving the MS Word file as MS Publishers. You can further edit and reformat your manuscript in MS Publisher. You can add new templates, edit the font or styles, and insert images, all in all, with due diligence for final adjustments.  

Then go to the “Options” section in the MS Publisher toolbar and select the options from the “Specify how this publication is printed” heading. Options available:

  • Minimum size – This is the simplest single-page document format for online viewing. Suitable for diaries and stories and writing without images as it will reduce the resolution of the images. Standard – This is a standard publishing option that allows for online distribution, emailing, and printing to desktop printers. 
  • High-quality printing – ideal for high-quality e-book digital publishing, online readability and photocopy printing. 
  • Commercial Press – Larger and better format than high quality, best to reproduce high quality images in higher resolution.
  • Custom – This is an option where you can customize the page settings and page layout type.
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Notes: The larger the PDF file size and including images and media, the longer it may take for readers to download. Finally, click OK and then “Publish” to prepare a PDF file that you can instantly upload online and let your readers read and download the file.

Things to remember

It is important that your computer supports PDF conversion from MS Publisher. You can find out if you have it on your device by going to the “Files” folder on your computer, then under the “Printer” options. If your computer supports PDF conversion, there will be an option, otherwise you will have to install a PDF creation program or even use online software available on the Internet. 

Dozens, if not hundreds of applications, most often completely free, can edit or convert PDFs. You only need one of them, right? So you can download the free SwifDoo PDF, which is exactly what it was made for. 

You can, but you don’t have to, because MS Word in newer versions, or other programs that you use on a daily basis and which have the option to read PDF can be added to it. In any case, do not pay extra for the ability to open a PDF. On the other hand, editing ready-made PDFs, encrypting and decrypting them may require the right application.

PDF Books and Copyright 

Security features are in place to protect copyright. They were unsuccessful from the beginning. A stubborn user could rewrite the text, a smarter one could use image analysis and its conversion to text, and a more affluent one could simply buy a SwifDoo PDF pro version.

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If you need a PDF generator for business solutions on the Internet, it is also worth getting acquainted with the possibilities offered by the SwifDoo PDF editor with additional tools that allow you to convert PDF to Word and vice versa.

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