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Is Google Home Max white worth buying in 2023? Full specs and price


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Your traditional electromagnetic speakers just got better with hi-tech Google Home Max white portable speakers. Google Home Max white apart from white is also available in charcoal, black, and grey color. It makes your life easy and helps you to do little errands automatically. Google Home Max is far superior to Amazon’s Alexa and other virtual assistant devices. It is not only the features of Google Home Max assistant count, its outer appearance can also be changed. 

The virtual assistant speaker Google Home Max is an upgraded version from the previous Google Home Mini. The shells of the speaker can be easily replaced in metallic, silver, gold, and other colors. The design is elegant and sleek with a premium touch given to the speaker. When it comes to pricing, Google Home Max white comes with affordable pricing compared to its competitors and the value it adds to your lifestyle. 

In today’s era where technology is ever-evolving, it is wise to invest in futuristic gadgets such as Google Home Max which helps you in many ways. In the blog, you will come across various features of Google Home Max, its benefits, pricing, alternatives, reviews, and a million-dollar question, Is Google Home Max worth buying?

What is Google Home Max?

Google Home Max was launched on 4 October  2017 and belongs to the generation of “Google Nest Smart Speakers”. Google Nest was formerly known as Google Home but it was rebranded in 2019 when various models of the smart speaker were launched. The parent company that overlooks all the operations of the “Google Nest” brand is Alphabet INC.

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All the Google Home white speakers fall in the category of smart speakers that take voice commands as input and are capable of doing small tasks like turning on calling, on/off lights, increasing volume, controlling fan speed, searching for songs, and querying with voice assistance, giving reminders, and other hundreds of activities. To explore Google Home Max to its full potential, you must integrate it with other gadgets in your house. 

Many people are unaware of the features of Google Home Max and their use of it has been restricted to listening to songs. Google Assistant is enabled in all the speakers and it can be controlled with the help of a smartphone or voice commands. The speakers can also be connected to wifi and other speakers to synchronize and play songs and videos. The best part of owning one Google Home Max white  is that it is regularly updated and the software is automatically downloaded from wifi. New features and functions are added in patches so that you do not have to discard the speaker once it is outdated.

The earlier models of the speaker were cylindrical in shape but with time improved in appearance. The speakers became an instant hit in the USA but it was only in 2017 that the Google Home Max made it into the international market. 

Google Home Max features 

Here are some features of Google Home Max white listed below:

Smart virtual assistance – Google Home Max provides Google virtual and voice assistant that works on the commands given to it verbally. The voice can be heard within a range of 50 meters. It is not mandatory to be near the speaker mic whenever you give the command.

First-party and third-party integrated apps – You can control all Google applications such as Google Play Music, Gmail, YouTube, and others along with some third-party applications like Netflix, Prime, and Spotify. You just need to give the command in English and your task will be completed without any hassle.

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Multiple speaker connectivity for synchronized music – Since the speakers are part of Google Home, all the speakers can be connected with each other with the help of wifi and you can use it to play synchronized music and videos to feel a theatre-like experience at home. 

Home appliances and other gadgets integration – If you have other smart devices and appliances in your home such as smart cars, LEDs, fans, microwaves, refrigerators, etc., all of them can be connected to the Google Home Max and you will be able to control them. You can change the fan speed, turn off lights, adjust AC/refrigerator temperatures, and climate control, with the help of Google Home Max. 

Premium look – All the Google Home Max speakers come with an elegant design that gives a premium look to the aesthetics of your room. You can customize the color of your speaker according to your needs.

Other miscellaneous features – Other works such as calling, template replies, search information, etc. can also be performed verbally on the Google Home Max device. Other upcoming projects of Google include partnering with Disney to make digital books that can be read with the help of a text reader.

How to connect Google Home Max White with a Phone?

The Google Home Max devices come with built-in Bluetooth and wifi. You can connect your devices with the help of Bluetooth.

What are the different variants of Google Home Max smart speakers?

Here is a list of all the models of Google Nest. 

Google Home – It was the first version iconic for its cylindrical shape and LED light. Its functionality was limited as it was powered by Google Now which is the former version of Google Assistant.

Google Home Mini – The stone-shaped speaker was released in 2017 also known as pebble. It offered far more features than its size. Another version of the Nest Mini was launched in 2019.

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Google Home Max – It is the bigger version of Google Mini and comes with two assorted speakers and subwoofers. It used machine learning to adjust sounds after collecting data from the surroundings. Google Home Max was available in white, charcoal, and grey colors. In 2020 Google discontinued its production.

Home Hub / Nest Hub – Since all the previous versions were missing screens, Google came up with an idea to integrate screens into the smart speaker. It comes with a 7-inch screen for interaction.

Nest Hub Max – The screen of the previous version was increased from 7 to 10 in the Nest Hub Max which allowed a split screen feature for better video calling.

What is the price of Google Home Max white?

Google Home Max pricing details – Google Home Max devices came with premium pricing that ranged from 25$ dollars to as high as 300$ dollars. Here are the average price of the various Google Home Max products

Google Home 30$ 8000 ₹
Google Home Mini 25$ 5000 ₹
Google Home Max(white) 45$ 70000 ₹ and above
Home Hub / Nest Hub 250$ 120000 ₹  and above
Nest Hub Max 280$ 150000 ₹


Is Google Home Max worth buying and reviews?

There is no doubt that it is an amazing gadget that makes our life easier but we must not become so dependent on such technologies. For a person who has a crunch of time, it is understood and wise to spend the money on a Google Home Max device so that he can invest the time in doing something productive. 

Google Home Max White should not be bought with the motive to be lazy and be partially dependent on technology for our survival. We must indulge ourselves in activities so that our brains and bodies function efficiently. Technologies nowadays are another form of addiction plus there are other alternatives that are already available in the market at a competitive price.

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