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How To Decide The Photo Frames That Enhances Your Office Interior?


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Offices or other commercial places are like a second home for its owner and staff.  They spend nearly one-third of their day working here. The interior and ambiance can affect their mood, confidence, and productivity. 

Besides, the office interior is also important to present your values to your audience. Photos can be a great asset in this case. You can use them to present anything from art to company history and even its story using photographs. 

But, for displaying these photos, you will also need equally good-looking frames. Well, this post will share a checklist to help you with the selection purpose. 

Frame Style

There are several different types of interior styles, and it won’t be fair to have only one kind of photo frame for them all. So, any reputable dealer who has been into the  commercial picture framing business will offer you four to five different photo frame styles. The list includes retro frames, modern frames, classic range, Scandinavian, and industrial style frames.

The modern frames are sleek photo frames that go perfectly with monochrome posters, maps, and geometric prints. Classic frames, on the other hand, are more of an all-purpose type and suits best with photographs.

Retro, as the name suggests, are the vintage-looking frames with an antique finish. This finish makes them an excellent choice for vintage maps, cuttings, and covers. The industrial and Scandinavian frames are special-purpose frames that go with tough industrial and cozy interior themes. 

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Frame Material

Like the general photo frames, the commercial picture frames are also available in various materials and finishes. You can find them in aluminum, wood, and several other metals. They will also be available in multiple finishes including, glossy finish, matte finish, brush finish, and painted finish. 

There is no one way for this part. You have to analyze the office interior and its textures for this part. For instance, if you have solid colored smooth finished walls, wood frames will be great. Similarly, if the place has low light, a glossy frame will look good. 

Alternatively, for a well-lit office with a pattern painted wall, you will need something more modern. Aluminum frames are the best choice here. 

Frame Size

The last and most important factor is the size of your frame. The commercial photo frames come in several different sizes and are also available in custom dimensions. This part needs a bit of research and calculation to find the best option. 

You need to consider the size of the wall, location of the frames, interior design, and the picture or artwork’s dimension. The large piece suits best for the large and empty walls. While, different or mixed sizes are best for making collages while the picture frames for an office cubicle need to be small to medium-sized. 

You should seek help from a designer for this part. The hit and try method is also effective, but it will increase both time and effort in selecting the frames. 

Apart from the dimensions, you should also consider the hooking mechanism of the frames. They will affect the orientation of the artwork or the picture you plan to place. It will be best if you select frames that have more than one anchor. This way, you can freely change the frame orientation whenever you want.

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Final Words

Selecting the perfect frame that enhances the ambiance and compliments your office interior is not an easy task. It will need a decent amount of knowledge and research to find them. 

However, once you have them, you will release that the effort is worth it. 

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