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The Luck of the Draw: Gambling Superstitions and Rituals from Across the Globe


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Gambling is one of the most superstition-laden activities in human history. Since ancient times, players have relied on rituals and beliefs to influence the outcome of games of chance at Pame Stoixima. While no magic formula can guarantee a winning hand or a lucky roll of the dice, fascinating traditions persist in casinos, racetracks and lottery outlets worldwide. This article explores some of the most remarkable gambling superstitions and customs from around the world.

Greece and Rome: Appeasing the Gods of Fortune

In ancient Greece and Rome, gambling was intertwined with religion. Players would often pray and make offerings to gods and goddesses associated with luck and wealth before games of chance. For example, Hermes was the Greek god of gambling, while Fortuna was the Roman goddess of fortune and luck. Many ancient dice and gambling tokens invoked these deities. Some scholars believe this religious element helped lend an air of respectability to gambling in these societies.

The Greeks also believed owl feathers brought good luck. Players would rub an owl feather between their hands before rolling dice or drawing lots. Meanwhile, the Romans had a custom of allowing chickens to peck at grain sprinkled on a gaming table to divine the gods’ favor. If the chickens eagerly pecked at the grain, it was seen as a positive omen.

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China: Red Is the Color of Prosperity

In China, the color red is strongly associated with luck and prosperity. This is evident in Chinese gambling traditions. At mahjong tables, players often wear red clothes or accessories to attract good fortune. During Chinese New Year festivities, which feature gambling games, red lanterns and envelopes with money in red packets are ubiquitous symbols.

Some Chinese gamblers take superstitions around the color red even further. They write their names on red paper then burn it, sending the ashes into the sky. This ritual is believed to get the attention of the gods of wealth. Others write wishes on red paper then attach the paper to religious statues and artifacts thought to have lucky properties.

Native American Tribes: Offerings to Spirits

Gambling has long been a popular pastime among Native American tribes, used both recreationally and ceremonially. Many tribes integrated rituals and superstitious acts into gambling activities. For example, some would leave offerings like beads, tobacco or food at the location of a game to appease spirits and bring luck.

Other Native American gambling superstitions involved omens from nature. Some believed that if a hawk flew over a game, it was a sign that a player would win big. Alternatively, spotting a snake near a game foretold bad luck. There were also many taboos around gambling, like prohibitions against playing at night or against certain riverbanks. Violating these taboos was thought to anger spirits.

Japan: Lucky Tanuki Statues

In Japan, the raccoon-like tanuki is a symbol of fortune for gambling. Tanuki statues are often found outside casinos and gambling dens. Their large eyes and belly are meant to represent vigilance and prosperity. Rubbing or stroking a tanuki statue is thought to bring good luck, especially when gambling.

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Some tanuki statues feature a large, visible testicle, which references a Japanese myth about a tanuki using his testicles as drums to lure rabbits out to hunt. The prominent testicle is seen as an extra luck charm for prosperity. Gamblers often rub the testicle before entering a casino. While odd to outside observers, this tradition has enduring popularity.

Las Vegas: Quirky Casino Superstitions

America’s gambling epicenter, Las Vegas, has developed its own set of superstitions and rituals over the decades. Many players adhere to the “hot table” belief – that table games run in lucky and unlucky streaks. If a player is winning big at a table, it’s deemed a hot table, so they refuse to leave or change tables.

Another common Vegas superstition is that it’s bad luck to count your winnings at the table. Gamblers will wait until in private to count and rejoice over the money. Counting winnings prematurely is thought to tempt fate and cause your luck to reverse.

Even clothing color factors into Las Vegas lore. According to superstition, wearing red brings good fortune, while wearing white is unlucky. And never wear blue jeans to a poker game – denim is said to jinx your betting luck.

Lotteries Around the World: Charms, Spells and Prayers

While casino games have their rituals, lottery players may be the most superstitious of all gamblers. From Europe to South America to Asia, lottery players utilize charms, incantations and more to try swaying odds in their favor.

In Germany, Brazil and other countries, many players believe that discarding losing lottery tickets on the ground will reverse their luck. In Bangladesh, people commonly pray at the grave of a famous Sufi saint before buying lottery tickets. Others whisper prayers and chants at the moment they purchase a ticket.

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Certain numerical superstitions apply across global lotteries as well. Some players believe in “lucky numbers” based on numerology. Examples include 7 in Europe, 8 in China, and 4 or 7 in India. The appeal of lucky numbers transcends logic and persists worldwide.

Superstitions Persist, But Enjoy Gambling Responsibly

While most gambling superstitions are harmless fun, the house always has the mathematical edge. No lucky ritual can overcome the odds built into every casino game or lottery. Still, superstitions speak to the universal hope for good fortune. For many enthusiastic gamblers, carrying on traditions adds extra suspense and excitement to the gaming experience.

Just remember to gamble responsibly. Set a budget, keep games recreational, and never chase losses – no matter what your horoscope or lucky numbers say. With mature attitudes, we can enjoy gambling’s superstitious side without going overboard. Here’s hoping the mystical gambling gods smile upon you!

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